Lost this past year were two people who heavily influenced my life, Joseph Chilton Pearce and Marshall B. Rosenberg. Joseph gave gave us works such as “Crack in the Cosmic Egg”, and “Magical Child”. Marshall committed his life to world peace, and gave us Nonviolent Communication or “NVC”. I admire these people who demonstrated a life of learning and teaching. They role-model the wisdom that is community. The gift each of us has to give is the joy within for bringing our own bit of wisdom to humanity.




These people are not lost. We have their books. We have videos. Their followers still announce to the world what is an evolved way of being. Even so, my feeling is of an emptiness not having them on the planet. Their conversation is so much a part of my being that a voice continues in the darkness. A voice speaks and no one answers.

Books are not the same as conversation. Knowledge is not the same as wisdom. What is needed is the sort of conversation that integrates knowledge into society, evolving our way of being toward function and happiness. This is where iAS enters the picture.

With all our technology, we are not lacking conversation. More talk is reaching people farther and faster than ever. However, there is something more. Somehow the talk has to become a productive, evolving aspect of each of our lives. This is not new. This happened for thousands of years in ancient societies, and caused humanity to become what it is today. So, let’s repeat success.

Success is the passing of wisdom from teacher to student, from elder to youth, and from the honored command to the working followers. Success is honoring wisdom where it is found, and then reaching up to become that wisdom. In life, what could be more fun, more challenging, more rewarding? On iAS, we honor those with the greater wisdom, the smarter posts, and we strive to model after them by improving our own posts. We will recombine other’s knowledge into new wisdom, setting new heights, and setting our evolution in motion.

As we role model, and as we reach higher, there is both a gathering and a filtering. The lesser falls away as we regroup around the higher order. As societies have done for thousands of years, we gather where the social good is doing the best job of creating a brilliant future. Wisdom has always been a crowdsourced event. Modern society almost forgot this fact. We were loosing the power to create a future. What modern society needed was means to regain our conversation and role modeling. This is iAS.

I wonder… had Joseph and Marshall added their conversations to iAmSapien, might their conversations have taken on a life of their own? Would their lifetime of learning yet have a voice? That is my hope for you. May your conversation take on a life as humanity’s conversation. May you be a part of a new tomorrow.