Hey, let’s open source people! If a person’s inner wisdom is no secrete, then we all can benefit from everyone’s experience and learning.

Open source code

What is open source? This website would not be possible except for open source code. Because thousands of people were willing to share their knowledge of coding, the potential for all of us went exponential.
Thousands of hours of work was shared for the collective benefit. These shared products were improved upon and then shared again. In this way the collective wisdom is crowdsourced. Where a team of experts could only begin to say what is needed, a global team gets the job wrapped up in no time.

As computer code is open sourced so that our computers and phones function from day to day, so can life be open sourced such that life will function with ease, with beauty, with sustainability. The evolution of technology is very rapid because of open sourced thinking
. It is time that the evolution of society caught up by making our assessment of life open sourced.


Our smartest university graduates create thousands of term papers, research papers and theses each year, papers that few of us get to read. Our philosophers present their best to a few friends, and then the wisdom dies. Those who spend a lifetime in study will write some books, and then the conversation will end. But there is a way that our best and brightest can open their learning to the world. The conversation can take on a life of its own.

For thousands of years our small societies were dependent on open sourced knowledge. Through conversation, the coming generation learned everything from their elders. Survival depended on it. Today we once again approach the point where the coming generation will need access to the knowledge of past generations. They will need the knowledge to recreate the future. The extent of our knowledge, and future options, are enormous. Yet, as with sharing code, each person need only do their small part.

We already have Google and Wikipedia and Quora sharing vast knowledge. So let’s just find a way to implement that knowledge. Even as the people writing code have their resources, the knowledge just doesn’t sit there. They don’t read it like a newspaper and then throw it away. Instead they assess what is there. They choose from the best and then modify it to make it better. They take their evolved creation and apply it to thousands of other code that have gone through the same process. Having found perfection, they share perfection back to the sources, and the process begins again. depends on this process. So much knowledge is available. Now it is you who are going to choose the best, improve on it, apply it to an active knowledge base, and then share the perfection back to Google, Wikipedia, Quora and the world.

How is it that our complex society could return to the ancient sharing of wisdom so fundamental to our social evolution? The answer is to model after working systems, both technological and natural. The objective is not so much to know something as to do something. Success in doing is our wisdom. To get us there as a community, iAS allows everyone to share. To get us there with ease, iAS crowdsources both the knowledge and the action. To get us there empowered, we leverage your global connections with similar minds. To get us there and beyond, iAS lets you improve your input again and again.

The technology we use is the vastness of the web, and the sorting power of microcircuitry. We use artistic magic to present on an LCD screen as simple what is deeply complex.

The natural systems we model after are the workings of the brain and of society. The brain shows us that most of the vast incoming data must be dealt with subconsciously. The mundane is weeded out, and significant connections are made where it matters most. Then the important data is tagged with emotions to create a hierarchy. Finally, the conscious brain chooses from the tagged material what is to be applied today for a brighter tomorrow. This hierarchy of functions also happen on iAS as a product of matrices organization, your voting, and your application of the knowledge to today and tomorrow.

A sociological model is also in play. Naturally, people talk to each other intending to say something significant. Sometimes to laugh. Mostly society is dependent on how well we communicate needs and intentions so that roads get built, so that food gets served, and so our children are prepared for life. iAS is all about significant communication. The intention is life. The source of the wisdom that will make life great comes from our interactions and our support of others. Open sourcing of so many minds is a powerful means to create an evolved society.