On a recent edition of the television show, Sleepy Hollow, the character Dreyfuss declares, “People… by and large, people are herd animals. When it comes right down to it, most people, they really don’t want to bear the burden of governing themselves. Deep down, most people are violently opposed to the effort it takes to think for themselves. Do you know what all of the willingly helpless, bleating sheep really want, more than anything else? A shepherd… emperor… tsar perhaps… monarch maybe.”

Hmm, a stimulus or a thought?

It’s true. The natural tendency is to conserve energy, not think, not do. Store energy now in preparation for procreation or for famine. It is natural to focus mental power on what matters most, the basics of survival. Humans are doing the smart thing to relax, to not get involved, and not take risks. These people will certainly be the survivors. They will survive famine and live to procreate.

Unreasonable are the risk takers. They get themselves involved in places they do not belong. They use their physical and mental resources to effect change,  changing the things that have little to do with personal safety or seeding one’s genetic material. They take on battles not their own, risking thinking for themselves, so to procure life for others. They take on responsibility not their own, correcting the future path of a whole society.

This other reality also exists. In this reality, humans are more sapient and less stimulus-response. These people live as if humans have purpose. Because these people think, therefore they think of themselves as inherently responsible. Because they think, they think the adventure of life is more interesting than just surviving another day. Because they think, they take the risk to face life directly, not engaging life by remote control. Because they think, they decide in favor of courage, stepping through the unknown, and finding wisdom through the adventure of living.

At great risk… to think for themselves