What is the switch inside a person, that when flipped, the person declares, “I am!”? We all have this. Now let’s acknowledge it and change the world.

What is this something that reaches past the uncertainty engrained in us; because, most of us were subjected to years of behavioral conditioning being told to sit still and not ask questions. They told us the higher levels know what to do and will tell us what we should do. The conditioning worked. Most people sit quietly waiting to be told, not even aware there is a switch, that when flipped, we stand and declare, “I know what’s best!”

People are being turned on, activated. With a little encouragement, a million people donned pink hats and took to the streets globally. The switch was flipped for them when the message reached their phone, and from this a community connection grew. There developed a sense of empowerment. There was a cause, and there was the knowledge that life could be better. People were moved to action.

Today the cause is wisdom and the new and brighter tomorrow that wisdom brings. As a community action there is a sense of empowerment, flipping the inner switch to be activated.

I AM !