We begin with a system in place for a hundred years. We train students to take a test. Having succeeded at tests, the passing score entitles the person to official routes using any means possible to attain income. This continues until caught as being wasteful, or until being overwhelmed by another doing it bigger. It is a Darwinian system.

In the new paradigm, we train students to move sophistication to action. The test is the ability to make life happen by finessing community consciousness in behalf of a successful outcome. This effort continues endlessly as each generation is challenged to realize their own evolution and their place in the universe. Technology, culture, spirituality, knowledge, inspiration, imagination, the arts… the whole is the single process.

At, the training, the process, and the doing are the same thing. The community learns the crowdsource function on the site. The community engages the crowdsource process on the site. The community creates the outcome both on the website and as a new reality. Finally, the community recreates the function of the website itself. Now we have an evolving, self-sustaining, paradigm for life. This is a Wisdom system.