Humans arrived here a moment ago. “Here” is a clay pot. The job of the pot is to hold water. This fact exist simply because the pot of water exist.

The job of humans is to create a spoon to access contents, and a lid to protect the contents. This is true simply because humans have the capacity, the consciousness and the technology, to do it. But the humans were not careful, and they cracked the pot. Now the water is leaking out. Still humans have a choice to do what they came to do.

The choice people have… it is not a demand. It is a request. The request is apparent simply because that is the choice at hand. We also choose to see an individual choice or a community choice. However, there is more than one person here using the clay pot. Therefore, it is a community choice.

Now what do we do? One person wants to fix the pot and one person wants to kick the pot. Actually, the initial question has not changed because the pot and the person are the same thing. Also, the choice has not changed.

Is it our job to make this choice a community request or a community demand? To answer this question, again we remove all elements but the most basic. If the actions taken by a person are not predetermined as good or bad, then there exist a choice to go left or right. Perhaps in one direction we believe experience will be less joy. In the other direction, more joy.

Now what do we do? Simple, if more joy is desired, and certainly that is at hand, then the choice is to turn in that direction. Because humans are equipped to make a spoon and a lid, and to fix the leak spilling joy, then that is the choice at hand.