Harvey is a human-sized rabbit. You can’t see him but he is very real as part of the social mind of at least a few people. The pink elephant is just that, a bright pink-colored elephant. Many people understand that they could see the pink elephant if they wanted to, but almost no-one chooses to see this common creature.

Strange creatures make up the persona of our social culture. These are not creatures we commonly consider. Apparently, because they have faded into the background, we have developed a subconscious fear of knowing them and knowing ourselves. Harvey represents our wiser knowledge of self. In our split minds, the irresponsible nature has taken control of our seeing. Our responsible nature is still there, in the background, whispering, trying to get our attention. But he is no fun. The reckless life is our dominant strategy for living. We prefer to have the pink elephant occupy the center place in the room. We don’t see him, but with Harvey whispering from the closet, there is always the fear that someone might speak up.

Okay, so what is our culture as a pink elephant society? This is survival at peak use of resources. Because resources are plentiful and easy, it is also easy to focus on extravagance, expansionism, hedonism, and other selfish intentions. With all the fuss to grab up resources, society gets lost in the fuss. Our competitive push-pull occupies our emotions, our thoughts, and every minute of the day. The fuss spreads even to those lacking resources. With the cultural norm being irresponsibility, if a few individuals do a little with their meager resources, it seems a loosing battle. They construct a french drain while a tidal wave sweeps away their home.

In our pink elephant society, happiness is grabbing up resources. Happiness is knowing someone else is responsible for infrastructure, for healthcare, for national defense, and for raising our children. Happiness is fussing over technology. Happiness is silencing that rabbit in the closet with use of medications and intoxicants. At a minimum, we tune in each day to hours of mindless television and pointless bickering. Taking responsible action would be a foolish thing.

So, what is our nature as a Harvey culture? What would it mean to let the rabbit out of the closet? First of all, the people who pay attention to the rabbit will have somehow lost their fear the elephant. Or, maybe the elephant was just never part of their culture growing up. Engrained in these people is the potential for happiness not derived from competition for resources, happiness that is not the shucking of responsibility or silencing a voice of reason. Someone showed them it is safe to enjoy learning, safe to explore, safe to know themselves, and safe to act in a manner that benefits everyone.

The Harvey nature, being enculturated, still is not clearly visible. People just know it is normal, it is happiness, to understand life, to support each other, and to take responsibility that everything works right and works together. Just as taking a glass of water makes sense when thirsty, so does it make sense to be responsible and so be happy. Enculturation makes this a common knowing, but much like living in an atmosphere, or a fish living in water. There is no expectation that responsibility needs to be a topic of discussion. We all know it is our survival and our happiness. It is our way of life.

The pink elephant is not up for discussion. Nor is Harvey the rabbit up for discussion. Yet, here is society trying to manage dual enculturation where irresponsibility is happiness and responsibility is happiness. Even the fact of enculturation is not up for discussion. In spite of all our shut-up-and-put-up disposition, there is still potential at every turn. Our great minds, our reasoning ability, our deep sense of social purpose have not gone away. Does there exist a prompt to swing the persona of our culture toward a Harvey society?

Yes, people could speak up and complain. They could say that infrastructure is failing, that healthcare is failing, that our children are failing, and that technology has failed to fix these things. However, our society of fuss actually enjoys all the fuss. Fussing supports fuss. We need another way to swing the social consciousness. We need un-fuss. We a positive flow upward that also creates a vacuum, a hole, in the fabric of irresponsibility. The elephant people need to say, “What the h***, how can those people be so d*** happy?” A little confusion and a little jealousy may go a long way. A household, a community, a town that finds happiness and strength in communal wisdom could be strong role models that other households, communities, and towns might follow. But there is the issue, how to make our rabbit people strong and how to make them role models?

First, we say the base principle, the foundation of the Harvey principles. This is done here. What we were not to talk about has been said. Our foundation is this vision of life where happiness is responsibility. Second, each person signing up for our Harvey community needs to declare their part, their expertise, and their intention to learn from the experts. Do this as an avatar on iAmSapien. Third, initiate responsibility by taking part in an activity on the Activate Matrix. Fourth, show off our happy people. Make them the talk of the town. Make them the go-to icons on social media. Say how hopeful and happy you are being part of something that works.