I appreciate the simple questions, like, why the universe? But perhaps just as interesting is the question, why would anyone need to know?

You may have heard of the butterfly effect as part of chaos theory.  If a butterfly flaps its wings in Brazil, a tornado
may result in Texas. Perhaps more pertinent is that a supernova exploded many light years away, and then plants and animals formed on a planet we call Earth. The point here is that everything is connected. It is also true that everything is in motion. There is change, and everything is changing together. The all of it, whatever that is, that is changing together, is our universe. We people, like the butterflies, are here flapping our wings. What grand effect might we have, maybe something in the distance we may never be aware of?

We people are broadcasting television signals across the universe. We send laser beams and radio signals. Photons and particles contact us, and then remember us, as they continue a journey through the stars. One day our space ships may journey to other galaxies. The message these astronauts will carry is currently being written by you and me. Our message, written now, is connected with, and influences, the message sent into infinity many years from now.

Even time itself is connected. Some believe the past is affected by the present. In experiments with light, photons seem to know things apart from time, and react accordingly. So perhaps the decisions we make in some way are an influence on the past.

So why the universe? Why this complicated soup that stirs itself and creates its own ingredients? What purpose might it be fulfilling? Well, if we look at the simplest explanation, the most basic, then what is different about our universe is that it decides itself. Not just that, but it decides itself and then is forced to use the consequences that eventuate to decide again. In effect, our universe creates its own direction.

Well, if that is true, what does it mean to people? We people want to know what we are in this universe in a way that has meaning. Exactly. People want meaning. And in this universe, what is meaningful has been reduced to the simplest of equations. Either add one to zero (the meaning of chaos), or subtract one from zero. From the place we are at, zero, and of no meaning, we decide to add one or subtract one and create meaning by doing so. It is important to know this because now we know we have a choice to produce an actual effect, and that effect becomes our decision now, in the future, and backward in time. People create their own meaning.

If the butterfly flapped its wings, creating a hurricane, and wiped out three hundred miles of coastal towns and coral reefs, we might say this was a minus one decision. When the supernova exploded and gave earth the minerals needed to sustain life and civilization, we might say this was a plus one decision. As each human flaps their wings in a particular way, we each have positive or negative effects daily, yearly, and into infinity. The messages we send will be managed a hundred years from now, and again by us as the decision ripples back through time. The opportunity to be our own cause of evolution, and of meaning, is of exponential quality.

Why we are here is to simply be aware that cause is effect is cause is effect. I hear Bruce Lipton repeat this concept on his website. As people think, so do we cause chemical changes in our bodies, and our health is affected positively or negatively. From personal experience I can say for certain that changes to my health are an effect that then become cause for my own thoughts. My thinking follows my health to become plus one or minus one. My choice to evolve or devolve is my own moment by moment.

As humanity plays with negativity, the many minus ones result in a particular condition, an effect we cannot escape. This is the meaning of the universe and the meaning to humans. The power of operating the simple equation is in our hands always. And there is really no intelligence to it, it is such a simple decision.

Greater than questioning the meaning of the universe is the question why humanity, with all its ability to reflect on its actions and imagine a truly miraculous future, why we would choose a minus one existence. Really, given that the simplest of equations is all there is to realize existence in this amazing universe, why would the masses choose the wrong direction? Secondly, what is keeping the naysayers from holding a plus one existence? With the advent of the iAmSapien website, the answer is, nothing. Nothing is keeping the plus ones from flapping their wings and causing the world to turn in another direction. The cause and effect of a new world is already here as your own plus one is added to the zero meaning of chaos. It is the simplest of decisions, one you make now, and thus create meaning for your self now and for eternity.

Create your own meaning, and change the course of the universe, on iAmSapien.