Any discussion of sexuality is necessarily titillating. This makes the discussion more fun, but it is also the gist of the issue at hand.

Freudian psychology solved the problem of sexuality and human integrity, or so I was told. I’m just having such a difficult time finding anyone in society who role models this integration of sexual impulses with daily life to create peace and happiness. So, even if Dr. Freud resolved the issue, we still have a long way to go.

Where are we going? Maybe we should determine this prior to wondering off. To sum up the situation, people want to live, and live well. They want to live happy. To do so will require the resources of a biosphere, the cooperation of society, the intelligence of individuals, and a culture of rules that stabilize and lubricate social functions.

Assuming the existence of resources, cooperation and intelligence, where we are going is a matter of cultural rules. What are the rules that help us cooperate to intelligently use resources? Among these rules, how do we manage procreation as means to get to peace and happiness?

To answer this question of rules, perhaps we should look at the foundations of the question before jumping to conclusions. First, procreation is fundamentally necessary to continuing life. Second, this importance is fundamentally integrated into the body’s physical systems. It is integrated as physical structure, chemical structure, neural structure, and in cognitive structure as a need to socialize. In the great scheme of things, sex is part of the miraculous sharing of data about life through dispersal of genetic code. Life not only changes to survive the elements, but also recreates itself into diverse and grander forms by way of information management. The whole thing is an experiment in creativity that feeds back on itself for more creative process.

Is creative process the essence of sexuality? Is sex a form of art, a process to be enjoyed and appreciated? That would be one option as a cultural rule. Isn’t it interesting, that in opposition to a lazy life conserving energy, instead we are genetically programmed for consistent stimulation. We are compelled to get off our duffs and go create such that the code of life recreates itself. We are compelled to burn energy and take risk as part of a universal mission to create.

Humans are interesting in that they take an extra step in the creative process. Cultural rules are anything we want to make up. As co-creators with the universe we must ask, are we cooperative co-creators with the universe? We were given the special ability to create via a self-image, an ego, that decides for itself its relationship with the universe. This is a dominant feature distinguishing humans, that we can decide what we are, apart from the environment. We can imagine that we are somehow lord of our existence. We don’t need to follow rules formulated over the last fourteen billion years. Instead we can live in an instant bubble of imagination that floats off into its own universe.

However, should humans accept the fact of living in this universe (may we call it Todd?) then we would have to modify our cultural rules to be more in line with universal rules. We would have to become congruent. We would have integrity. We could become integrated. We could find peace and happiness simply because we decided not to be in conflict with ourselves.

Okay, so what might sexuality look like if cultural rules came into alignment with what exists? What if the fighting stopped internally, cognitively? What if the argument stopped between parents and children, between schools and pupils, between religious beliefs and the needs of life? What if a space opened to breathe, to feel, to express, and to create. What if integration occurred and thus came also order and ease and understanding. Without being self-conflicted, what if everything just seemed to come together and make sense? Then what would we have?

If the working order of the universe became the working order of the human ego, then we would experience congruency. People could feel the impulse to create, and also speak of it. People could speak of the creative process and also plan their day to make it happen. People could cause a creative process while acting in line with broad intentions. Sexuality would function in line with spiritual beliefs, in line with government oversight, with regard for human health and health of the ecosystem, and cooperative for other’s happiness as well as one’s own. In short, the cultural rules that govern our day to day living would be integrated with the creative nature of all humanity and the universe.

Being dis-integrated tends to clean the slate. We have before us an open road to integration. It is a path to happiness, to ease, to peace. The impulse to take this path is strong as sexuality. But built in to the universe are other impulses, such as the desire to live when confronted with death. No matter how strong the ego impulse to live in its own fictitious universe, the universe will drive home an impulse to integrate. When this occurs, iAmSapien will be there to help restructure the ego’s image of reality.