“If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself.” Albert Einstein

Should a six year old ask what is iAmSapien, my reply might look something like this.

You asked, what is iAmSapien?

“Yes”, the child replies.

It is like this. When you and your friends want to have fun, you get together at your house, is that right?

“Yes, and sometimes at Gina’s and sometimes at Bobby’s, or maybe we just play outside.”

I understand. And when you meet you have to decide what you want to do. Do you talk with each other to decide?

“Well, we might argue a little, but we decide, and go have fun.”

When you play, you share your toys?

“I share my soccer ball and goals, Gina shares her play house, and Bobby lets us play his video games.”

Playing house, I guess everyone shares their imagination, playing the part they do best. Is that true?

“We like playing house. We get to act like adults, fixing and cooking and  doing the big things.”

I suppose you wish the big things all got done very well, and without a lot of yelling. Is that how you play house?

“Sometimes its just fun. Sometimes Bobby is bossy and won’t let us say or do what we want.”

Well, iAmSapien is a lot like playing house but on the computer. Everyone comes to have fun, and not yell or be bossy. We get to do the big things. We freely share our ideas. We imagine the best things. This makes playing together great. Do you understand now what is iAmSapien?

“It’s like when me and my friends are happy, and we play all day, and we do everything together. It just means you are nice.”