When a person is programmed by society to behave as a “person”, this in called enculturation. In our technological society, we not only program each other, but via machines and the organizations that run the machines. I remember being taught to use a typewriter. I was instructed to sit up straight directly in front of the machine, align my hands and fingers with the machine, and then punch the keys in exact sequence. If I failed to perform exactly, there were consequences. I felt compelled to perform as the machine demanded.

That was almost fifty years ago. Now the machines have taken over. Even the farmers must have miles of flat
earth and all aligned precisely for their machines. Many humans come together to service the machines. We
call these people a corporation. The clock runs their lives. The phone runs their lives. The computer runs their lives. Then the copy machine breaks and totally ruins their lives. Everyone working there knows for certain that this is life. This is how things should be. How the machines run people is now how life works.


Machine-culturalization, this is the new normal. People don’t even realize what is happening. As with enculturation, the brain naturally absorbs the given environment so to learn how life works. This is an essential function. We are born ignorant and then absorb massive understanding in just a few years. It is truly amazing what happens in the mind of a child.

How amazing is machine-culturalization? (Let’s call it machalization) We are passionate for our technology. But is this warranted? Did we create technology worthy of our worship? Will this god grant us our every wish? Let’s compare with enculturation. Without technology, a person is born exposed to the natural environment. Conformity necessarily is to the ways of nature. Then again, all of nature is born exposed to the physics of our solar system. Conformity necessarily is to the ways of physics. All of nature makes the connection between eternal physics, the biosphere, and the life of the child. Enculturation is what considers the details from the smallest, all the way to the eternal. It is all one thing. A tree knows not to grow upside down. Birds know they will they fly south in the winter. But humans are on a different path.










What do humans do? We force trees to grow the way we design them to grow. We design cities that burn oil to stay warm in the winter. But there is nothing terrible about ingenuity, were this the goal of humanity. Ingenuity would see how the changes we make work with the whole of life. Then we would make adjustments that everything work better, together. We made a mistake however. We mistook machalization for enculturation, and let the machines tell us how life works. The machines we created in isolation do not continue to receive the ingenuity needed to connect them with the biosphere and the physics of the universe. The result is conflict. Westerners believe they should possess most of the earth’s resources (for as long as they last). Heavy traffic conflicts with needs of pedestrians and children and animals. Children sitting at desks is in conflict with enculturation where, instead, children would learn from role modeling and participation. Being happy conflicts with the machine’s need for attentive workers. And today, as robots replace humans, we have no ingenuity describing the transition of machine workers as they transition back to a real life.

The transition we need to make as humans is not away from machines but toward ingenuity. We need to be happy connecting things so that they work. Then we will be humans connected with each other, learning about life. We will be a society connected with nature, maintaining a biosphere of great beauty. We will connect with the laws of physics that we may take our ingenuity to the stars. It is all such a grand journey. The journey begins with you.

You can decide to have a real life as an enculturated person. You can connect with people. You can learn from role models. You can be a participant in life. You will learn from the whole of things as we reconnect the smallest of things with the grandest of things. You are already a part of the all. But this must be remembered. We must let go being told what to do by machines. Who we are is up to us, and a matter of our ingenuity.

“Robert”, you say, “things have changed. We no longer live in the stone age.” That is correct. We are not going back to nature, not that far back. We begin with where we are at. We have communications. Let’s use them. We have thinking humans. Let’s use them. We have computers that thinking humans use to communicate. Let’s use this technology in behalf of ingenuity, and in behalf with connecting with all that is. Admittedly, this is complicated. We have a lot of people and a lot of issues. To find solutions will have to crowdsource the people and triage the issues. We will have to sort out the remedies as to the most efficient and effective, and move these to action. We will ask broad support for these remedies that many contribute a little, and that no oligarch have total say. This is not because the oligarch is necessarily bad, but because effecting a journey that works means we all are enculturated into a life that works. With everyone then supporting both life and the oligarch, his job will be easy. He only need follow the will of the people to have an extraordinary life. We all will have an extraordinary life. With most people contributing to an expansive ingenuity, the intelligence of our enculturation goes exponential.

I said above, “this is complicated”. Yes, but complicated is now managed by ingenuity. A machine-cultured corporation, WorldWisePeople LLC, came together to build a machine that will move people. This machine moves people out of machalization and back to real life. This machine is iAmSapien. It was built to reconnect people with people, learners with role models, and reconnect knowing something with actually doing something. Because iAS crowdsources to connect everything, our social ingenuity will reconnect social life with reality. We will once again cooperate with each other, cooperate with a biosphere, and cooperate with the physical nature of our universe.