Maybe love is what you are going to think. But, let’s think about this.

What if science has it all wrong. What if society has run on assumptions that don’t fit the bill. What if love is an important integrated function, much as a spark plug is to an engine. What I am saying is that love is more than just a feeling. Love is more than sexual attraction, and more than the bonding at birth between mother and child. Love is more than a primitive reaction to oxytocin causing a person to rather ignorantly enjoy another person.

Why? What is going on that might indicate there is anything more to love than a stupid feeling? Time. Time allows for cause and effect. A small change here and there, and then link these changes together, and eventually a whole new world may eventuate. A drip in the dyke. If we don’t work to stop the inevitable, then something dramatic is going to happen. A little love here and there, and wait a bit, and then the whole dam gives way. Suddenly life is all about tremendous social change.

Think about it. A person is approaching maturity. Their brain is approaching states of highest function. Hormones are rampant. Do these things coincide just to wreck havoc in the prime of one’s life? Yet nature has an order. When we find this order we also renew our respect for the grand design of life. Love is part of this grand design, a spark that turns the engine of life.

Time is the turning of the engine of life and of life’s connection with everything. Energy of the sun mixes with energy of the earth’s core which mixes with the chemical energy in our bodies. The clock turns. Neurons develop. The exterior world becomes the interior world as patterns and flows of biochemical energy. This brain energy stimulates glandular energy to produce hormones. Hormones rush to the brain of this wonderful person with the sole purpose of causing horrible chaos!

Not. Throughout a person’s upbringing they were being socialized. Patterns of behavior were being reinforced so to instill culture and morals and various standards. These standards are really just meaningless limitations. One must walk, not dance on down the sidewalk. A necktie must not be worn as a bandana. Adults will not engage in child games. Albert Einstein was told over and over he must not change the rules of physics. However, to the benefit of all, hormones do reach the brain. We forget for a while that things have to be a certain way because we were told things have to be a certain way. The engine of life is this way because the engine of life must evolve.

Think about it. Remember falling in love? Recall the fireworks exploding in your brain, and higher and higher in the sky of your thoughts. A grand opening. The glorious opportunity. A sense of fulfillment being at hand. A state of gratitude replacing limitation and fear. Life became possibility. The possibility as physicality so vibrant, a mind so open, and an environment so ripe for the picking. A long courtship is the revving of the engine of life. Such power. Feel the power of life. Feel the certainty that one is here to move, to move… together.

Together the energy moves from sun and earth, from bio and electric energy, and from person to person. But there is something I left out. I failed to mention that each of these energies isn’t just energy, but frequency, patterns, vibration. These energies interact and then chemicals and electricity react, and then react again with the cell membrane and DNA. This is all about information. This life, this universe, is all about intelligence as information over time that creates more and more life. Love drives people together to reconnect information and recreate life. A new thought is born. A new child is born. Life evolves.

Love for the child carries on the mission of love as the whole community opens their empathy and their thoughts so to teach the child. Love is not fulfilled because you feel good, but that you fulfill the engine of life. The engine is a flow of information. Open yourself to the amazing connection with another and be fulfilled in the opening to new thought. This is so similar to the grand finale of giving birth. Two minds come together in an open state to evolve a new life. Every moment of passion can be a step away from enculturation and toward a new societal intelligence. Social uprising, revolution, war and destruction, that is what love is all about. But it all happens positive, it all happens in love.

Our current cultural norms, where we pick an argument and pick up arms, this certainly is one way to achieve variance in social direction. Over time, however, it is rather like the Borg in Star Trek. Everything gets assimilated as just one culture, as the more dominate culture. Over time we loose our variety. The engine looses its options and begins running in a singular direction. That is the danger. Being singular is vulnerable. Variety is life. The life engine is individuals who fall in love so to rewrite culture again and again over time, and in a million different directions. In all this tension, positive people work together to find tensegrity. The engine works like this because positivity is the fuel. Possibility is the fuel. Imagination is the fuel. Love is the spark to put these in motion. People, we are here to think, we are here to think bigger. It all happens when that final connection is made from my mind to your mind and to the mind of the child. So don’t go looking for some guru to awaken you, for the process is already part of life. You just use love to forget the fear of love. Love is safe. Love is good. Love is the long time destination of the engine that is the universe.