Born on planet earth, the prerogative is carte blanche. In this case, what you see is what you get. With absolute authority, the world presented to the child is exactly what the child is to accept. However, this “reality” is hardly the truth.

A house is a house. A job is a job. A family is a family. A government is a government. And on and on. There is great benefit to having life pre-defined and served on a plate. This saves so many calories trying to figure out what life is.

However, we are getting fat. We really need to burn those calories. The old definitions are getting older by the second. Let’s burn some thought calories and rewrite what are the prerogatives of life. Let’s decide again what has meaning, what has utility, and what brings happiness.

Life is an exercise in neurology. The baby’s brain is designed to be an open book at birth and for the early years. They take in carte blanche what is the nature of life. There is so much to learn, and this is the fast way to learn everything about everything. All is taken in without exception as truth.

Was there any truth to it? Did your parents give a second thought to how they were designing life in your behalf? I don’t believe many do. Now, what will you do for your children and for the world? Will you give anything in life a second thought? And, if you do, what will you do with the thought? How is a new idea about life made into a contagion and spread to schools and families and governments? Who has the calories to carry out such a feet?

Fortunately, there is leveraging. We can apply the principle of leveraging to evolving new ideas about life. With leveraging we can decide again the best ways to run our schools and cities, governments and economies, philosophies and religions. Life is not cart blanche from childhood. Adults can reimagine a quality life.

How to do so was a struggle in the past, and still a struggle today. Yet revolutions happen. The Reformation did it with the printing press. The Beatles did it with vinyl. Today, activated people do it with silicon.

Many factors go into a revolution. A revolution often has a face, a medium, a message, and an audience ready for something new. As an act of faith, I presume an audience exist willing to burn some brain calories in behalf of an evolved life. The other factors are less a matter of faith. The face of the revolution will be yours. On the iAmSapien website, the face of the best leadership is on the homepage. The message will be yours. The collaboration you create on iAmSapien will leverage a message that appears on the home page. The medium of silicon is already in your computers and phones. That is what gets you to the iAmSapien website. There it is the power of crowdsourcing that will leverage the will of humanity as a revolution. The people will now say what life is, what it means, and how to be happy.