Instinct is the higher intelligence. For billions of years an effort has continued toward a higher functional intelligence. First a base of elements was assembled, including sunlight, nitrogen, oxygen and carbon. Then a vast organized system was developed to process this element base. This vast organized system was the single cell. Not only was this cell capable of processing elements, but had ability to reproduce itself, adapt to environments, and evolve into something different. So, the reproduced cells then organized as tissues, then as organs, then as mobility, then as social structure, and finally, as vast external structures that organize millions of people and alter the face of the planet. This all could happen because of a purely accidental ability to evolve. No; this could all happen because of an underlying system we have yet to discover. Pure instinct, operating from this underlying order got us to where we are today. Instinct is our conscious connection to a deeper intelligence that knows how life works.

Where do we go from here? We have created a terrible stress as modern humans. This is the stress of necessarily following instinct to survive while at the same time trying to adapt to a technological superstructure that dominates our environment. This superstructure, which we created with only hundreds of years of intellectual intelligence, is nothing compared to the billion-year intelligence already permeating every molecule of our existence. The stress is very Darwinian; we will adapt to our new environment or we will die.

This stress exist also in our minds as an inner conflict. We already know how to survive by instinct. One simply needs to dominate their patch of land and then have lots of sex. We know this absolutely. So when it comes to having advanced thought processes regarding principles, planning, morality and spirituality, the absolute nature of instinct creeps into higher thinking. We change our values to include domination and sex. It is still a matter of survival. So how does humanity solve the stress of instinct vs advanced thinking?

Our culture is displeased with overt actions of sex and domination, yet we want them. To not act in behalf of principles, planning, morality and spirituality would require diminished intelligence. So to make domination and sex a big part of life, the option for diminished intelligence has become a popular choice. Intelligence is easily diminished through denial, alcohol, bad parenting, drug abuse, stimulus-response media, and by telling people, especially school kids, not to think for themselves, to sit down and shut up. Now, with higher thought subjugated, we can proceed with sex and domination, and at terrible risk to higher evolved thought processes.

What was just said may be unbelievable or daunting. It is because individually and as a society we developed an ego to solve the conflict for us. The ego is what allows us denial to act as separated individuals who then predetermine what is right with little thought for higher principles and the connections we share with everyone and everything in our environment. This is not a good survival choice. But there it is. Out of impatience, confusion and fear another mind is created to do the thinking for us and decide impulsively. We know it does a poor job managing life as sex and domination, so now we are constructing artificial intelligence to do the thinking for us. Thinking is hard. Thinking takes time. Thinking causes one to realize how humble is our condition. Thinking is contrary to survival as power, as sexual drive and as immediate gratification. So we must create an artificial thinking machine to determine our next adaptation and evolution, while we, as impulsive animals, go on fornicating and lording over anyone and anything we can.

It’s not going to work people. Instinct is still the higher intelligence. Instinct is what drives us to be happy, and there is no real happiness where our evolved intelligence has been relegated to mad sex and pissy behavior. This is the central conflict of humanity. Certainly, sex and power have their place. It is a big world. But the fine mind that instinct has brought forth was intended to find happiness as an adapted and evolving existence. We know this is so simply because this is the direction in which things have been going for a billion years or so. Though ego can come up with a million stupid directions to proceed in, the truth is ego mind will fail because it fails to adapt to, and evolve, with the intelligence all around us. To get to happiness, we will have to find the humility to reach beyond ego, and find connections to reach beyond instinct.

What I am saying is, it is humility, and taking time to think for oneself, are what will open humanity to the fact of connected intelligence, the intelligence that is connection with all people, life, and elements around us. Opening to the wisdom of connection will be our next adaptation. Connection is smarter, and smarter is survival.