About Robert


Born in Spokane, Washington in 1955, Robert spent most of his life in Spokane, and five years in Redding and SanFrancisco CA. Studied religion, sociology and computer science at Whitworth University. And then studied massage therapy to eventually become quite proficient in orthopedic massage. He’s a gardener using permaculture techniques. And a Lions Club member 28 years, and volunteer at Hospice and Shriners Hospital many years. Now a website designer.

Life’s ups and downs is the driving factor for creation of a website. How can life be so absolutely beautiful, and in the same breath, be absolutely demeaning? Does anyone make sense of this? After years exploring philosophically and through counseling, seminars and study, Robert concluded the main issue is our children. Children are the future. Wisdom would be to give children wisdom.

A website must be the key to open the door to intelligence. That is Robert’s conclusion. A website, not to tell people anything, but to empower the discussion, the debates, the collaboration, the friendships that make community work.

This cannot be a blog. It must be a competitive crowdsourcing of  intelligence. The world will discern the wisdom to alter the course humanity is now taking. Robert is frustrated that Homo Sapiens, the wise hominids, seem to have lost interest in their God given ability to exercise good judgement. However, there is a body of people globally with a sense of responsibility, who believe people can make a difference. If only we put our heads together.

Robert did not understand crowdsourcing when this website began. It merely seemed most practical to let the masses pull together global intelligence onto one platform, and then ask the globe to apply values to the decisions being made. From there, we all crowdsource the funding, or other human support, for the best projects. Discovering that crowdsourcing is an up and coming science was a bonus to the project.

Do you smell sawdust burning? “Oh, my head hurts!” Tenacity got Robert through the process that fashioned a complex website and to look utterly simple. Oftentimes, unstoppable creativity met a wall of anxiety as this big something had to be created from nothing. This project is not off-the-shelf. Well over two years and 100,000 lines of code, this is the meaning of hard work. “This has gotta be why no one else tackled the problem,” Robert thought.

Crowdfunding and your donations will push the project through its first year getting online and noticed. If there is an angel investor out there,  Robert wants to get a phone call. The current site is a big beginning. Yet, there are extensive plans. This is the people’s website. It will be crowdsourced to the planet. Members will comment on the Improve matrix, and vote for the best improvements to the site. This way, the crowd decides how the website will grow. Robert plans to open source both the code and the platform because each culture should create their own answers. Others will buy the platform and make improvements, and these improvements will be shared among the platforms. Expect explosive evolution of both the platform and society.

Robert Swanson, World Wise People, LLC