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  • Carte Blanche

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    Born on planet earth, the prerogative is carte blanche. In this case, what you see is what you get. With absolute authority, the world presented to the child is exactly what the child is to accept. However, this “reality” is hardly the truth.

    A house is a house. A job is a job. A family is a family. A government is a government. And on and on. There is great benefit to having life pre-defined and served on a plate. This saves so many calories trying to figure out what life is.

    However, we are getting fat. We really need to burn those calories. The old definitions are getting older by the second. Let’s burn some thought calories and rewrite what are the prerogatives of life. Let’s decide again what has meaning, what has utility, and what brings happiness.

    Life is an exercise in neurology. The baby’s brain is designed to be an open book at birth and for the early years. They take in carte blanche what is the nature of life. There is so much to learn, and this is the fast way to learn everything about everything. All is taken in without exception as truth.

    Was there any truth to it? Did your parents give a second thought to how they were designing life in your behalf? I don’t believe many do. Now, what will you do for your children and for the world? Will you give anything in life a second thought? And, if you do, what will you do with the thought? How is a new idea about life made into a contagion and spread to schools and families and governments? Who has the calories to carry out such a feet?

    Fortunately, there is leveraging. We can apply the principle of leveraging to evolving new ideas about life. With leveraging we can decide again the best ways to run our schools and cities, governments and economies, philosophies and religions. Life is not cart blanche from childhood. Adults can reimagine a quality life.

    How to do so was a struggle in the past, and still a struggle today. Yet revolutions happen. The Reformation did it with the printing press. The Beatles did it with vinyl. Today, activated people do it with silicon.

    Many factors go into a revolution. A revolution often has a face, a medium, a message, and an audience ready for something new. As an act of faith, I presume an audience exist willing to burn some brain calories in behalf of an evolved life. The other factors are less a matter of faith. The face of the revolution will be yours. On the iAmSapien website, the face of the best leadership is on the homepage. The message will be yours. The collaboration you create on iAmSapien will leverage a message that appears on the home page. The medium of silicon is already in your computers and phones. That is what gets you to the iAmSapien website. There it is the power of crowdsourcing that will leverage the will of humanity as a revolution. The people will now say what life is, what it means, and how to be happy.


  • I Know the Future

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    I do know the future. It has been told. The future is artificial intelligence. The future is augmented reality. The future (already here) is Big Brother, as George Orwell predicted, and as the World Brain that HG Wells predicted. The future is vast information from the World Brain reassembled by Big Brother using AI to create an “education” delivered via augmented reality.

    This crazy sci-fi reality is largely already here. As crazy as it sounds, we love it. We love being told what to think. We love being told what to do. We love that life can be so easy. Big Brother is always there managing our food supply, our fuel supply, our infrastructure, our biosphere. The work of consciousness is over. Awareness is an artifact. Intelligence is for machines. The wisdom to do the right thing is out of our hands and we have never been so happy.

    The past is untenable. History has a lesson but we wouldn’t know how to listen even if we cared to listen. Still, there is something some people might learn from thousands of years of human history.

    What can be said about the many thousands of years of humanity? Before computers, television and automobiles. Before factories and compulsory education. What was in people, or in their technology, that was the thing that gave them the potential to create cell phones and rocket ships to the moon? They weren’t so different from us, you know. The genetics were almost exactly the same. The brain size was very similar. They walked. They communicated. They slept and ate. They were dependent, as we are, on each other.

    Wait, back up. Back then people were dependent on each other, and they knew they were dependent on each other. Today, not so much. How many mornings does a person wake up feeling immense gratitude that while we slept there was an oil baron who made certain that millions of barrels of oil journeyed across oceans and to your town so you could have your morning coffee and toast? For thousands of years we were not so oblivious. People new exactly where the animal migration would happen and who would bring home the kill. Watchers kept an eye on the sky so they knew when the seasons were about to change. Everyone counted on these people to say when to make the migration to warmer territory. Even after people settled down, the watchers said when to plant and when to store up for winter. With the county library yet ten thousand years in the future, knowledge was presented by mouth and by example. This life of humanity was fundamentally 180 degrees different from today.

    I know something about the past. Look carefully and you will feel it too. Yes, it is not an objective criteria but a feeling. Yet it is most essential, and changes everything. It is a step beyond the intellect of knowing data, and even beyond a person’s ability to reason. This obscure thing is what gave humanity its potential. This thing gave us cell phones and airplanes and a dream of going to Mars. This thing is… connection.

    You were there ten thousand and a hundred thousand years ago. Well, most of us anyway. I suspect most people have had the opportunity, if some years ago, to join with friends around a fire. That thing was in us then, and still is in us now. Remember that moment of friendship and fire and remember what it was like for millennia of humanity. It is time slowed down. It is hearing the crackling of the fire. The wafting of the cool night air mixed with the aroma of wood smoke. The warmth of the fire mixed with warmth from the hearts of the people across the way. You were in agreement. This was a moment of trust. It was your moment to speak and be heard. Memories formed easily, bonds were formed, in this exchange that is somehow sacred. It is ancient.

    So, cook some food, tell some tales, sing your songs, and share the smiles. Feel the warmth of the fire. Then remember in old times how this was the when the elders spoke their wisdom and everyone listened. The children learned which herbs. The teens learned how to approach the wild game, and they learned a new weave for basket making. They were told the fish would begin running next week. It was explained that the grain must be collected in the next month. They were told to patch garments and repair housing in preparation for winter. In this way, education, awareness, and the wisdom to act in the right time were not optional. Being watchful, having integrity, and being responsible were matters of life and death. Only the tribes that practiced intelligence survived millennia to eventually enjoy Facebook and iTunes. The intelligence I am taking about has little to do with an individual knowing anything. Rather it is the commitment they experienced sitting around the fire. It is the love and trust they shared in the glow. The tribe had something we have lost. They had each other. In the connection was the learning. In the connection was the drive to stay alert, watchful to everything about life. They created a tradition, an enculturation of mindfulness. They knew it was by mindfulness that they survived. However, they performed learning and research and organization because of the intimacy incurred around the fire. The inner unseen drive was their love.


    Connection from love begets a different sort of intelligence. It is the power of synergy. It is mathematics. Just as one neuron with many dendrites allows seemingly infinite learning and organization in the mind, so does the connection of one person to many, in a functional committed support, allow seemingly infinite organization and action expanding throughout an environment. The order of the many is the next manifestation of intelligence. We certainly are not required to manifest this intelligence from love. That being so, let’s look at the options.

    The future option is one we have already chosen. We chose to put knowledge into machines. Then we gave away the button that operates the machine. Big Brother has his finger on the button. You can say whatever you like about who is Big Brother and if he is evil or saint, but the fact is he comes from us. It was our decision to turn from the circle around the fire, leaving the fate of humanity in the hands of whomever is motivated to pick up the chalice.

    Intelligence is democracy. Democracy is caring enough to know enough, reason enough, and do enough to cause society to function well enough to survive the next ten thousand years. There is no such thing as stupid democracy. We are either all in or all out.  In, as in “intelligent”, or out, as in “out of our minds”. One path is synergy. The other path is chaos. In chaos, our only prayer is that some autocrat will manipulate us into something orderly, or some despot will force order at any cost. There are few options for leaders who are in charge of a rat race. At best they can follow the example of the rats who are in it only for themselves, expecting to get what they have coming, and without being causative or supportive. The nature of the tribe, and of our foundations in intelligence, is lost to our modern societies of millions of individuals. So, what to do?

    Restore democracy. We are not restoring some political agenda. We are restoring intelligence as synergy. We are restoring the warmth, the connection, and the intention that brought forth civilization in a process over thousands of years. It is more than a proven process*. It is the fundamental nature of what makes up Homo sapiens sapiens. It is who we are to connect as like-minded individuals into tribes. The tribe is its people, driven by a caring attitude to be with the people we trust to share information and plan for the future. We in the tribe care enough to do our part to support the activities that bring survival. Together we create the intentions, and support the activities, that recreate life as empowerment, as wisdom. This is not about knowing something, but about the love of life and loving connection, making a difference because the whole is much greater than the sum.

    I don’t know the future. But iAmSapien is the potential to begin restoring our tribal nature to synergistic wisdom. It is the opportunity to connect with people you trust so to connect as an intention so to become aware. We are all learners and teachers. In the sharing is the potential of a future for humanity. It is a great adventure. We can’t see what’s coming. We can but trust that what made us homo sapiens sapiens over millennia will steer us back on course from our side trip into selfishness.


    *Apart from the offspring of a small number of rare interbreeding events, though, the Neanderthals did die out. Their brains might have been just as big as ours, but ours might have been better at a few key tasks–those involved in building social bonds in particular—allowing us to survive the most recent glacial period while the Neanderthals expired.

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  • Love, It’s Not What You Think

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    Maybe love is what you are going to think. But, let’s think about this.

    What if science has it all wrong. What if society has run on assumptions that don’t fit the bill. What if love is an important integrated function, much as a spark plug is to an engine. What I am saying is that love is more than just a feeling. Love is more than sexual attraction, and more than the bonding at birth between mother and child. Love is more than a primitive reaction to oxytocin causing a person to rather ignorantly enjoy another person.

    Why? What is going on that might indicate there is anything more to love than a stupid feeling? Time. Time allows for cause and effect. A small change here and there, and then link these changes together, and eventually a whole new world may eventuate. A drip in the dyke. If we don’t work to stop the inevitable, then something dramatic is going to happen. A little love here and there, and wait a bit, and then the whole dam gives way. Suddenly life is all about tremendous social change.

    Think about it. A person is approaching maturity. Their brain is approaching states of highest function. Hormones are rampant. Do these things coincide just to wreck havoc in the prime of one’s life? Yet nature has an order. When we find this order we also renew our respect for the grand design of life. Love is part of this grand design, a spark that turns the engine of life.

    Time is the turning of the engine of life and of life’s connection with everything. Energy of the sun mixes with energy of the earth’s core which mixes with the chemical energy in our bodies. The clock turns. Neurons develop. The exterior world becomes the interior world as patterns and flows of biochemical energy. This brain energy stimulates glandular energy to produce hormones. Hormones rush to the brain of this wonderful person with the sole purpose of causing horrible chaos!

    Not. Throughout a person’s upbringing they were being socialized. Patterns of behavior were being reinforced so to instill culture and morals and various standards. These standards are really just meaningless limitations. One must walk, not dance on down the sidewalk. A necktie must not be worn as a bandana. Adults will not engage in child games. Albert Einstein was told over and over he must not change the rules of physics. However, to the benefit of all, hormones do reach the brain. We forget for a while that things have to be a certain way because we were told things have to be a certain way. The engine of life is this way because the engine of life must evolve.

    Think about it. Remember falling in love? Recall the fireworks exploding in your brain, and higher and higher in the sky of your thoughts. A grand opening. The glorious opportunity. A sense of fulfillment being at hand. A state of gratitude replacing limitation and fear. Life became possibility. The possibility as physicality so vibrant, a mind so open, and an environment so ripe for the picking. A long courtship is the revving of the engine of life. Such power. Feel the power of life. Feel the certainty that one is here to move, to move… together.

    Together the energy moves from sun and earth, from bio and electric energy, and from person to person. But there is something I left out. I failed to mention that each of these energies isn’t just energy, but frequency, patterns, vibration. These energies interact and then chemicals and electricity react, and then react again with the cell membrane and DNA. This is all about information. This life, this universe, is all about intelligence as information over time that creates more and more life. Love drives people together to reconnect information and recreate life. A new thought is born. A new child is born. Life evolves.

    Love for the child carries on the mission of love as the whole community opens their empathy and their thoughts so to teach the child. Love is not fulfilled because you feel good, but that you fulfill the engine of life. The engine is a flow of information. Open yourself to the amazing connection with another and be fulfilled in the opening to new thought. This is so similar to the grand finale of giving birth. Two minds come together in an open state to evolve a new life. Every moment of passion can be a step away from enculturation and toward a new societal intelligence. Social uprising, revolution, war and destruction, that is what love is all about. But it all happens positive, it all happens in love.

    Our current cultural norms, where we pick an argument and pick up arms, this certainly is one way to achieve variance in social direction. Over time, however, it is rather like the Borg in Star Trek. Everything gets assimilated as just one culture, as the more dominate culture. Over time we loose our variety. The engine looses its options and begins running in a singular direction. That is the danger. Being singular is vulnerable. Variety is life. The life engine is individuals who fall in love so to rewrite culture again and again over time, and in a million different directions. In all this tension, positive people work together to find tensegrity. The engine works like this because positivity is the fuel. Possibility is the fuel. Imagination is the fuel. Love is the spark to put these in motion. People, we are here to think, we are here to think bigger. It all happens when that final connection is made from my mind to your mind and to the mind of the child. So don’t go looking for some guru to awaken you, for the process is already part of life. You just use love to forget the fear of love. Love is safe. Love is good. Love is the long time destination of the engine that is the universe.

  • Restoring Civilization

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    Any number of disasters could hit any section of civilization. Is it weather, drought, war, volcano, flood, economic stress, disease, pollution, or maybe an influx of refugees? Whatever hits, suddenly we are in a panic to organize people and resources. ASAP we need alternatives presented, communications, lists, organizers, governments, transportation, volunteers, donations and shelters. Everyone pitches in to add their bit of organized response. What they all agree on is that help is needed, and no one can do it alone. What they may disagree on are the best methods to get the job done efficiently. Who knows all the facts? Who decides?

    What are best methods and best efficiency? Usually people figure this out by looking at spreadsheets. So, if you have those spreadsheets handy in an emergency, then by all means, look at them. If you don’t, then we will have to deal with information as it comes in, on the fly.

    On the fly, how do we organize the efforts of thousands of people and direct tons of supplies? We leave all this figuring to the local government and to the military and others trained to act in emergencies. We leave all this to the professionals, except that often, and for most of the planet, we notice their response covers only a percentage of what is needed for a functional, and beautiful, world.

    To create function on the fly, and to benefit a high percentage, we need to use a very simple principle, “Many hands make light work”. Now, put them to work doing what? To know this they need information that is prioritized and pertinent to each aspect of our response. This information needs continuous updates as fast as possible. Where internet is available, this is the way to go, getting the data to everyone and right now. And if a disaster victim has no internet, maybe their family, volunteers and emergency personnel still do have internet.

    One answer to responding to disaster is to organize the needs and responses on  In the Triage Matrix is the title of the disaster. In the Question Matrices are the large headings: Government, Organizers, Volunteers, Resources, Victims, Communications, Transportation, Shelters, Donations. In the Answer Matrix present your specific response to any question/heading. Tag your response with the specific location. Categorize your response with a type of resource. Say the type of your response using one of the question headings. With responses in place, then simply vote up the best response. We are crowdsourcing the best resources as well as the best means to implement those resources. Add a comment, or link to your own contribution. Return in eight hours to again vote on the best, and to update your response. However, if you are too busy to return for an update, it is probably because iAS directed you to where you were needed most.

    With immediate needs being taken care of, efforts go to long term care. The people who will give more of their time will connect into groups on iAmSapien. They will form a strategy on the Idea Matrix. They will get a little support from each of you on the Activate Matrix. In this way many hands make light work. The world gains a bit of beauty. Beautiful is your compassion, your intelligence, made active on iAmSapien.

  • Transitions

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    When a person is programmed by society to behave as a “person”, this in called enculturation. In our technological society, we not only program each other, but via machines and the organizations that run the machines. I remember being taught to use a typewriter. I was instructed to sit up straight directly in front of the machine, align my hands and fingers with the machine, and then punch the keys in exact sequence. If I failed to perform exactly, there were consequences. I felt compelled to perform as the machine demanded.

    That was almost fifty years ago. Now the machines have taken over. Even the farmers must have miles of flat
    earth and all aligned precisely for their machines. Many humans come together to service the machines. We
    call these people a corporation. The clock runs their lives. The phone runs their lives. The computer runs their lives. Then the copy machine breaks and totally ruins their lives. Everyone working there knows for certain that this is life. This is how things should be. How the machines run people is now how life works.


    Machine-culturalization, this is the new normal. People don’t even realize what is happening. As with enculturation, the brain naturally absorbs the given environment so to learn how life works. This is an essential function. We are born ignorant and then absorb massive understanding in just a few years. It is truly amazing what happens in the mind of a child.

    How amazing is machine-culturalization? (Let’s call it machalization) We are passionate for our technology. But is this warranted? Did we create technology worthy of our worship? Will this god grant us our every wish? Let’s compare with enculturation. Without technology, a person is born exposed to the natural environment. Conformity necessarily is to the ways of nature. Then again, all of nature is born exposed to the physics of our solar system. Conformity necessarily is to the ways of physics. All of nature makes the connection between eternal physics, the biosphere, and the life of the child. Enculturation is what considers the details from the smallest, all the way to the eternal. It is all one thing. A tree knows not to grow upside down. Birds know they will they fly south in the winter. But humans are on a different path.










    What do humans do? We force trees to grow the way we design them to grow. We design cities that burn oil to stay warm in the winter. But there is nothing terrible about ingenuity, were this the goal of humanity. Ingenuity would see how the changes we make work with the whole of life. Then we would make adjustments that everything work better, together. We made a mistake however. We mistook machalization for enculturation, and let the machines tell us how life works. The machines we created in isolation do not continue to receive the ingenuity needed to connect them with the biosphere and the physics of the universe. The result is conflict. Westerners believe they should possess most of the earth’s resources (for as long as they last). Heavy traffic conflicts with needs of pedestrians and children and animals. Children sitting at desks is in conflict with enculturation where, instead, children would learn from role modeling and participation. Being happy conflicts with the machine’s need for attentive workers. And today, as robots replace humans, we have no ingenuity describing the transition of machine workers as they transition back to a real life.

    The transition we need to make as humans is not away from machines but toward ingenuity. We need to be happy connecting things so that they work. Then we will be humans connected with each other, learning about life. We will be a society connected with nature, maintaining a biosphere of great beauty. We will connect with the laws of physics that we may take our ingenuity to the stars. It is all such a grand journey. The journey begins with you.

    You can decide to have a real life as an enculturated person. You can connect with people. You can learn from role models. You can be a participant in life. You will learn from the whole of things as we reconnect the smallest of things with the grandest of things. You are already a part of the all. But this must be remembered. We must let go being told what to do by machines. Who we are is up to us, and a matter of our ingenuity.

    “Robert”, you say, “things have changed. We no longer live in the stone age.” That is correct. We are not going back to nature, not that far back. We begin with where we are at. We have communications. Let’s use them. We have thinking humans. Let’s use them. We have computers that thinking humans use to communicate. Let’s use this technology in behalf of ingenuity, and in behalf with connecting with all that is. Admittedly, this is complicated. We have a lot of people and a lot of issues. To find solutions will have to crowdsource the people and triage the issues. We will have to sort out the remedies as to the most efficient and effective, and move these to action. We will ask broad support for these remedies that many contribute a little, and that no oligarch have total say. This is not because the oligarch is necessarily bad, but because effecting a journey that works means we all are enculturated into a life that works. With everyone then supporting both life and the oligarch, his job will be easy. He only need follow the will of the people to have an extraordinary life. We all will have an extraordinary life. With most people contributing to an expansive ingenuity, the intelligence of our enculturation goes exponential.

    I said above, “this is complicated”. Yes, but complicated is now managed by ingenuity. A machine-cultured corporation, WorldWisePeople LLC, came together to build a machine that will move people. This machine moves people out of machalization and back to real life. This machine is iAmSapien. It was built to reconnect people with people, learners with role models, and reconnect knowing something with actually doing something. Because iAS crowdsources to connect everything, our social ingenuity will reconnect social life with reality. We will once again cooperate with each other, cooperate with a biosphere, and cooperate with the physical nature of our universe.

  • States of Intelligence

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    What’s been going on inside your head the last few minutes?

    Would you call these goings-on intelligence?

    Do these thoughts even matter enough to remember?


    CONSCIOUSNESS    What happens in our heads is just a small part of intelligence. This conscious awareness is more of an end effect than a cause. As much as we people like to think that we are cause of our lives, this bit of self-assurance is misplaced. However, we could consciously broaden our sense of self, and thereby expand on intelligence. What we call “self” and “intelligence” is about to get bigger.

    NUMBERS    The very practical way to see what is intelligence is through numbers. Intelligence is how many neurons with how many connections firing at what rate over what period of time and using how many sensors employing how many systems developed through what extent of resources and with x number of safeguards and feedback loops. Boring. This has no meaning. To be intelligent all this technology has to also employ the human element, the creation of meaning.

    FIRST STATE   The first level of intelligence begins with admitting to not knowing what is meaning. We thought we knew. We thought our role models and teachers were giving us the God-sent truth of existence. But when we look the gift-horse in the mouth, we see that their motives and ideas arise from a complex, and unrefined, set of variables. Their numbers don’t add up.

    EGO    Life is quite the adventure operating from chaos. The meaning we give life is the little bit of order we create and then pretend to have control. This idea of control, of an ego, is then at odds with humility which yet would create a great deal more of meaning and order.

    STATES    Once a decision is made that humility is intelligence, then what? This humility is one part of self-awareness. If we can gain control over other parts, we begin to convert the Trojan Horse into a meaning machine. Only the humble person is ready to look at self as possibly mineral, vegetable, animal, sapient, social and spiritual.

    SECOND STATE    Mineral? Vegetable? What do these have to do with intelligence? But intelligence arises from these things. Minerals allow my body and mind to function. If I fail to tend to this need, then I will deteriorate into levels of stupidity. Vegetables, not only do I need to consume them for their chemicals, but also we share an ecosystem that allows life. If I fail to tend to this need, then I will fail to tend the resources of intelligence. I will have lapsed into the slumber of stupidity.

    THIRD STATE    Consideration for our foundations, the mineral and ecological systems that allow life, is basic for defining intelligence. A level up from that is our sapient existence. People are aware that they are aware. Having this condition is one thing. Creating meaning because of this condition is entirely another matter. The ego wants to have already arrived at meaning so it can go on as being something, doing something meaningful. We claim this ego state of intelligence is safe and fun, but it also makes us afraid to change. People with humility, however, will ask, “What can I do with my sapience, what more is it for?”

    SKY    Sapience is for deciding what has meaning. The sky is the limit. We are able to think about self in this universe in many ways and come to any number of conclusions and make any number of actions. The way before us is so vast it seems unlimited. The prospect of this adventure, in the mind of the sapient, would have been sufficient stimuli to drive intelligence to evolve itself in a grand relationship with the universe. Yet are there more levels to our states of intelligence, and we do not escape their influence.

    FOURTH STATE    Relationship is the next level. Intelligence is social. No mind exist as a singular intelligence but rather is connected and dependent on everything and throughout time. Sentience has some small control over enculturation, but the mindset of humanity determines the mindset of the individual. Even if an individual manages to think outside the box, he is still stuck in a warehouse full of boxes. Culture is a powerful drive determining the limits of intelligence, or determining the thrust of intelligence. It depends on how much a culture fights for their ego or trusts in humility. If humility is the thrust of the culture, then a push for intelligence will be the next step. Society will work as a team to cause more neurons firing faster, and more sensors using more systems with more safeguards and feedback loops. Working together for intelligence is the next level of intelligence. This exponential leap into the creation of meaning is powered by humility.

    FIFTH STATE    What ever hypothesis or experience you may have regarding consciousness as more than a body, thank you. You are humble enough to ask the question. Are there unseen influences? A few hundred years ago radio waves did not exist, and it was considered foolish to even guess at such a thing. But humans were missing 98% of what was perceivable in our universe. Since then, our universe has grown far more extent and complex. In all humility, we have no idea how we will perceive life in another 200 years. As we manage control over vibrations, we may see ourselves as vibration. As people validate their experience with the beyond, we could see ourselves as connected with a greater life. The point is that intelligence is an evolving experience. As the numbers of intelligence evolve so does our concept of intelligence evolve. This evolution will necessarily happen as a culture. Then the culture will role model a larger sense of self for the individual consciousness. To proceed in this direction, it is humility that drives belief in the impossible.

    COLLAPSE    Given that intelligence is how we create and evolve meaning, and that society needs a big dose of humility to get intelligence back on track, what is the stimulus to push humanity in the right direction? Social collapse would do it. Pull the rug out from under ego, destroying the meaning that ego relied on, and ego disappears for the moment. Such an event would also ruin our numbers, so maybe we don’t want to go there, starting over the evolution of intelligence. Maybe we can start from where we are at. We are connecting globally, educating most everyone, and creating technologies that then produce systems that will leverage our intelligence even further. So, of what we have, where is the solution?

    RESOURCES    Restoring our evolution of intelligence can begin now. The power to do so lies in our systems. It is a matter of using our many sensors that employ our many systems with x number of safeguards and feedback loops. Much is already in place. We have Google and Wikipedia and Facebook and smart phones and computers. We have social networking in multiple forms. We have automated services coming up everywhere. Robotics and AI will create a revolution even faster than the last. Everything is in place to fuel an evolution in intelligence. Meaning is about to expand. What is “self” is about to expand. Consciousness is about to expand. So what is the key that turns on the intelligence machine?

    RESTORATION    The key is in the hands of the few, the humble, who still believe in the impossible. They leap over the ego that is afraid of change, to arrive at an adventure unlike anything before. These people understand they are here to create meaning. We have a place for them to do just that. iAmSapien was created as a system that will leverage the intelligence of the humble, leverage their mental abilities and their resources into action. These activated people are our role models for a new tomorrow. They will demonstrate that courage is the path to happiness, a bigger self, and the evolution of meaning.



  • Why the Universe?

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    I appreciate the simple questions, like, why the universe? But perhaps just as interesting is the question, why would anyone need to know?

    You may have heard of the butterfly effect as part of chaos theory.  If a butterfly flaps its wings in Brazil, a tornado
    may result in Texas. Perhaps more pertinent is that a supernova exploded many light years away, and then plants and animals formed on a planet we call Earth. The point here is that everything is connected. It is also true that everything is in motion. There is change, and everything is changing together. The all of it, whatever that is, that is changing together, is our universe. We people, like the butterflies, are here flapping our wings. What grand effect might we have, maybe something in the distance we may never be aware of?

    We people are broadcasting television signals across the universe. We send laser beams and radio signals. Photons and particles contact us, and then remember us, as they continue a journey through the stars. One day our space ships may journey to other galaxies. The message these astronauts will carry is currently being written by you and me. Our message, written now, is connected with, and influences, the message sent into infinity many years from now.

    Even time itself is connected. Some believe the past is affected by the present. In experiments with light, photons seem to know things apart from time, and react accordingly. So perhaps the decisions we make in some way are an influence on the past.

    So why the universe? Why this complicated soup that stirs itself and creates its own ingredients? What purpose might it be fulfilling? Well, if we look at the simplest explanation, the most basic, then what is different about our universe is that it decides itself. Not just that, but it decides itself and then is forced to use the consequences that eventuate to decide again. In effect, our universe creates its own direction.

    Well, if that is true, what does it mean to people? We people want to know what we are in this universe in a way that has meaning. Exactly. People want meaning. And in this universe, what is meaningful has been reduced to the simplest of equations. Either add one to zero (the meaning of chaos), or subtract one from zero. From the place we are at, zero, and of no meaning, we decide to add one or subtract one and create meaning by doing so. It is important to know this because now we know we have a choice to produce an actual effect, and that effect becomes our decision now, in the future, and backward in time. People create their own meaning.

    If the butterfly flapped its wings, creating a hurricane, and wiped out three hundred miles of coastal towns and coral reefs, we might say this was a minus one decision. When the supernova exploded and gave earth the minerals needed to sustain life and civilization, we might say this was a plus one decision. As each human flaps their wings in a particular way, we each have positive or negative effects daily, yearly, and into infinity. The messages we send will be managed a hundred years from now, and again by us as the decision ripples back through time. The opportunity to be our own cause of evolution, and of meaning, is of exponential quality.

    Why we are here is to simply be aware that cause is effect is cause is effect. I hear Bruce Lipton repeat this concept on his website. As people think, so do we cause chemical changes in our bodies, and our health is affected positively or negatively. From personal experience I can say for certain that changes to my health are an effect that then become cause for my own thoughts. My thinking follows my health to become plus one or minus one. My choice to evolve or devolve is my own moment by moment.

    As humanity plays with negativity, the many minus ones result in a particular condition, an effect we cannot escape. This is the meaning of the universe and the meaning to humans. The power of operating the simple equation is in our hands always. And there is really no intelligence to it, it is such a simple decision.

    Greater than questioning the meaning of the universe is the question why humanity, with all its ability to reflect on its actions and imagine a truly miraculous future, why we would choose a minus one existence. Really, given that the simplest of equations is all there is to realize existence in this amazing universe, why would the masses choose the wrong direction? Secondly, what is keeping the naysayers from holding a plus one existence? With the advent of the iAmSapien website, the answer is, nothing. Nothing is keeping the plus ones from flapping their wings and causing the world to turn in another direction. The cause and effect of a new world is already here as your own plus one is added to the zero meaning of chaos. It is the simplest of decisions, one you make now, and thus create meaning for your self now and for eternity.

    Create your own meaning, and change the course of the universe, on iAmSapien.



  • Harvey and the Pink Elephant


    Harvey is a human-sized rabbit. You can’t see him but he is very real as part of the social mind of at least a few people. The pink elephant is just that, a bright pink-colored elephant. Many people understand that they could see the pink elephant if they wanted to, but almost no-one chooses to see this common creature.

    Strange creatures make up the persona of our social culture. These are not creatures we commonly consider. Apparently, because they have faded into the background, we have developed a subconscious fear of knowing them and knowing ourselves. Harvey represents our wiser knowledge of self. In our split minds, the irresponsible nature has taken control of our seeing. Our responsible nature is still there, in the background, whispering, trying to get our attention. But he is no fun. The reckless life is our dominant strategy for living. We prefer to have the pink elephant occupy the center place in the room. We don’t see him, but with Harvey whispering from the closet, there is always the fear that someone might speak up.

    Okay, so what is our culture as a pink elephant society? This is survival at peak use of resources. Because resources are plentiful and easy, it is also easy to focus on extravagance, expansionism, hedonism, and other selfish intentions. With all the fuss to grab up resources, society gets lost in the fuss. Our competitive push-pull occupies our emotions, our thoughts, and every minute of the day. The fuss spreads even to those lacking resources. With the cultural norm being irresponsibility, if a few individuals do a little with their meager resources, it seems a loosing battle. They construct a french drain while a tidal wave sweeps away their home.

    In our pink elephant society, happiness is grabbing up resources. Happiness is knowing someone else is responsible for infrastructure, for healthcare, for national defense, and for raising our children. Happiness is fussing over technology. Happiness is silencing that rabbit in the closet with use of medications and intoxicants. At a minimum, we tune in each day to hours of mindless television and pointless bickering. Taking responsible action would be a foolish thing.

    So, what is our nature as a Harvey culture? What would it mean to let the rabbit out of the closet? First of all, the people who pay attention to the rabbit will have somehow lost their fear the elephant. Or, maybe the elephant was just never part of their culture growing up. Engrained in these people is the potential for happiness not derived from competition for resources, happiness that is not the shucking of responsibility or silencing a voice of reason. Someone showed them it is safe to enjoy learning, safe to explore, safe to know themselves, and safe to act in a manner that benefits everyone.

    The Harvey nature, being enculturated, still is not clearly visible. People just know it is normal, it is happiness, to understand life, to support each other, and to take responsibility that everything works right and works together. Just as taking a glass of water makes sense when thirsty, so does it make sense to be responsible and so be happy. Enculturation makes this a common knowing, but much like living in an atmosphere, or a fish living in water. There is no expectation that responsibility needs to be a topic of discussion. We all know it is our survival and our happiness. It is our way of life.

    The pink elephant is not up for discussion. Nor is Harvey the rabbit up for discussion. Yet, here is society trying to manage dual enculturation where irresponsibility is happiness and responsibility is happiness. Even the fact of enculturation is not up for discussion. In spite of all our shut-up-and-put-up disposition, there is still potential at every turn. Our great minds, our reasoning ability, our deep sense of social purpose have not gone away. Does there exist a prompt to swing the persona of our culture toward a Harvey society?

    Yes, people could speak up and complain. They could say that infrastructure is failing, that healthcare is failing, that our children are failing, and that technology has failed to fix these things. However, our society of fuss actually enjoys all the fuss. Fussing supports fuss. We need another way to swing the social consciousness. We need un-fuss. We a positive flow upward that also creates a vacuum, a hole, in the fabric of irresponsibility. The elephant people need to say, “What the h***, how can those people be so d*** happy?” A little confusion and a little jealousy may go a long way. A household, a community, a town that finds happiness and strength in communal wisdom could be strong role models that other households, communities, and towns might follow. But there is the issue, how to make our rabbit people strong and how to make them role models?

    First, we say the base principle, the foundation of the Harvey principles. This is done here. What we were not to talk about has been said. Our foundation is this vision of life where happiness is responsibility. Second, each person signing up for our Harvey community needs to declare their part, their expertise, and their intention to learn from the experts. Do this as an avatar on iAmSapien. Third, initiate responsibility by taking part in an activity on the Activate Matrix. Fourth, show off our happy people. Make them the talk of the town. Make them the go-to icons on social media. Say how hopeful and happy you are being part of something that works.

  • Triage the World


    So much happening in the world! How do we divvy up our time, money and resources in a logical manner and for the most people’s happiness?

    First of all, there is a only a great deal to do only if the burden is on a few shoulders. We have billions of people, each of whom could shoulder a small portion of the burden. Myself, a person who has given thousands of hours of volunteer time, I can say it has not been a burden to do what increases my sense of self worth and my sense of community. The sense of meaning added to my life is a greater value than if I had I spent the time selfishly. I came from a family of selfish getters in a community that was all about getting. So now I can report from experience that getting does not get a person much of anything in terms of inner resourcefulness. Rather it creates a disease called wanting.

    There is our simple answer. Inner resourcefulness and community activities lead to self-worth and a small burden to any person who acts to make the world a better place. Community activities will return to the individual valuable resources, both inner and outer. This answers our question as to what we should triage to save the world. Triage for the passion in people who appreciate community and their own self worth.

    Still, there is the question of how we will activate these individuals. Of the many factors that today diminish the individual and separate them from community, I personally see education as paramount. Let us use the Sudbury model for education and make it more community interactive. In this way create thousands of confident youth eager to help their community evolve. My idea, or anyone’s idea, is merely an idea. Whatever we may triage, it must have action potential. Who are the people to implement our ideas?

    We have already answered this question above. A burden on the shoulders of many makes for light work. So the real question is, how do we activate the many? This item itself is up for triage. To find an easy answer we might look at what is already working. It already works to be a member of an organization, perhaps a church. Perhaps the Lions Clubs. Perhaps Unesco or the Peace Corps. (Please Google many more.) All these people have put great thought and resources into changing the world for the better. Not only has humanity benefited, but the volunteers improved their own sense of worth and learned a new perspective on life.

    If thousands of volunteer efforts already shape the world, what more is needed? Is the job of triage already complete? For an answer, we could ask any of the volunteer programs if the mission is funded, resources established, and good people in place already finishing the job. We might guess the answer is no. The weight of the world is on the shoulders of the few.

    What all these people demonstrate, however, is that for many of us, the nature of success is the joining of hearts with intention, lightening the burden of humanity. Whether we remedy a tragedy or enhance the life we already have, the action of community is how change becomes real. How well we do community, and how well we choose our activities, is how well we triage the planet. This is the bigger thought. One person may decide for a group. A group may decide for a country. A collusion of country leaders may decide for a planet. However, these few individuals and groups are missing the essential point. It is involvement of the broader community, their passion and their skills, that lighten the burden of the few. There is just too much for a group of leaders, a leader of a group, or a church to do by themselves. Thousands of individual volunteer groups can only put a dent in the planetary needs. However, if we work together…

    I posed my suggestion, what if we look at what is already working? There is already the means to involve the community at large, asking their passion to say what will change and who will do the changing. It is crowdsourcing. Using computers and smart phones and the web the community, called humanity, can now follow its own leadership to form its own groups and take its own actions for change. It is proven technology. It is already being done. Many people currently cooperate and alleviate the burden of the few. With a slight tweak we can do this in the broader community. The work will be light. The effect will be large.

    The first step for our global crowdsourcing is asking the world questions like these: What is the number one activity? What is the number two activity? What is the local activity? What is the national activity? What is the Atlantic ocean activity? What is the top physics activity? The second step, often missed, is asking, what is the most intelligent method of addressing this activity? Third we ask, who are the people to take action and make it happen? Fourth we ask, who wants to fund and otherwise support these people who are saving the world? These questions are simple enough. We can do this. Fine, but where do we ask these questions? This website employs crowdsourcing at every level. It is all about inner resourcefulness and community activity. It allows for the questions to be asked locally, nationally, and globally. Here you crowdsource a culture or crowdsource the world. So go now to the Triage Matrix on the site where the decisions regarding triage are made. From there, the community, as an organic collaboration, will find the intelligence, the resources, and the people to make change happen. Sign up now as a member on the site. Write your article, make your connections. Get involved.

    The greater community is now here for the greater good.


  • The Deeper Meaning of the Meaning of Life


    Marshall Rosenberg* was correct. I heard him say on several occasions, “People want meaning.” People may ask, “What is the great meaning of life?” However, for humans, we are limited to the bit of meaning we can create in our minds and from our experience. Rarely do people claim to experience true reality. Even then, to my estimate, they stretch their minds to make meaning of what they felt or saw or knew. We people are stuck in this reality as it is today. So, it is not unreasonable to begin with what we have been given.

    People have been given a desire to find meaning. To discover, create and share meaning, that is our job. Pause for a moment to consider what is meaningful in your life.

    Now consider how you enjoy sharing what is meaningful to you.

    That people want meaning is not really the question here. The right question is, how do we perform our job well to create and share meaning?

    From foundations. That is how anything is done well. Because we live in the phenomena called time, all that exist is seen to occur through a process, from smaller to bigger, from simple to complex. Meaning, though an abstraction of mind, is also subject to this rule. What are the foundations of meaning which we then take on as a process through time?

    Sounds like a big question. So, let’s make it simple. Entropy is the dissipation of energy. Along with energy loss would be the dissipation of the process that constructs complexity. But while there are still bursts of energy in localized areas, so will there be the building of molecules, the building of stars and planets, and possibly the outcome we call consciousness. Then will consciousness use abstraction to seek its own order. We abstract our own meaning by seeking additional process and order. This universal process that moves energy away from chaos to order, to consciousness, to meaning, is the given order of things. So this process is the foundation for meaning. The universal process is our foundation for creating meaning.

    We create meaning and order and then we are happy. For consciousness, happiness is the motive for finding complexity and finding meaning. Obviously, if people were not motivated to create order and create meaning, then consciousness would have the task of disorder, loss of energy, and death. Consciousness would not exist. By default, our job is to be happy creating meaning.

    What a grand opportunity to exist, creating meaning, in a seemingly infinite universe. Our foundation is the universe itself. With that support behind us, our work is to refine the movement of energy, as this energy moves the clockwork of the universe through time. We get to be a part of this movement. We get to say what it all means. Wow!

    The creation of meaning is a process. It is difficult. So many options. How do we choose? There are several orders to this choosing. On the first order, if you choose wrong, you die. Following instincts to survive is a priority. In the second order, people choose enculturation. The culture we are born into impregnates our mind with the working social order. Maybe we will try to make the social order work a little better, or maybe just help the order continue working for a few more days if that is all the social order has in mind. The next order of choice finds happiness in putting together a picture of meaning larger than the cultural norm. These people might see a long term destiny or maybe a different order of being. Often culture will tell these people they have got it all wrong. So the alternative order will have to muster a counter force until the new order becomes meaningful to a stagnant culture. In time, evolution is not an option. Even if the cultural norm would self-destruct first, change will indeed occur.

    Evolution. Is that important? Remember, we live in the phenomena called time. Everything changes. Consciousness is here to keep up with the changes and even look ahead to the next change. Were it not so, consciousness would die because it would no longer fit in with the order of the universe. Consciousness must follow the order by refining the movement of energy into complexity. Humanity will go along for the ride or be left behind in the hands of entropy.

    So, back to the deeper meaning of meaning. Actually, it is meaningful that people find meaning in doing puzzles, making mud pies, exploring fashion, teasing with riddles, writing music. These are building the neural structure to manage more complex issues. Rocket science, government, financing, and military all have the same playful meaning, to create greater complexity as a foundation for greater complexity. This happens mentally and physically and at the same time. Should one get too far ahead of the other, control would be lost. Remember, the universe works like clockwork, building from small to large, and simple to complex. Everything works together, piece to piece and layer to layer.

    Mud pies, music, rocket science and war… all of these we do in behalf of happiness. Sex, being a great happiness, has a corresponding outcome of great complexity. It is called a baby. The clockwork of the universe created consciousness, and happiness, that humans would add their piece to the complexity. Contrary to this universal model is our model of education. Today’s education is an effort to divorce happiness from our appreciation of complexity. It is an attempt to dissociate complexity into painful, separated, units and then somehow dump these into the brains of youth. As if by magic we expect this disassociated dumping to prepare them to run the clockwork of society. Not gonna happen. The real education is the building of complex neural pathways with ability to manage the complexity as it evolves with time, and in behalf of happiness, so that we may all create order in line with the clockwork universe.

    Given that no individual can hold the universe on their shoulders, how is it that people are to run the clockwork order? How does one person cooperate with billions to make tomorrow a meaningful day? Oddly, the answer is enculturation. It is culture that moves people as a whole. But culture must learn to evolve. This evolution is less about learning everything about everything, and more about individuals building the neurology, the inner communication, to manage complexity. With the inner complexity in place, then comes the job to communicate order to the culture. As culture receives the clockwork order, the culture will need its own working neurology to communicate and act on new information.

    We have exceeded the abilities of government, financing, science, military and education to construct the next evolution of society as a clockwork. To manage the complexity that we have today demands a coordination of personal neural structure with the broader communication structure of the culture. If we succeed at coordinating communications, personal and cultural, then we will enable the individual to find their place in the march of time. We will enable happiness as the individual finds themselves part of the greater whole and the greater meaning. As we succeed at coordinating communications, then people will know the meaning of life because they will be part of meaning’s creation.

    Oops, that was too much. What were these last paragraphs saying? What is the clockwork of society? What is neural structure coordinated with the broader communication structure? The point here is that everything works together. As in the human body, cancerous tissues are to die, and the working tissues are to get the nutrition. Each organ tissue is to coordinate with all other tissues for the whole to be sustained. It is all a matter of quality of communication and cooperation. Given quality, energy is used in behalf of the highest order, the greatest complexity, for consciousness and its evolution through time. Such is true of the human body, of society, and of the universe as a whole. How do we know this? Simply because that is what is happening, for us, in our mental construct of time. Human culture has the (obvious) job to form tissues and organs that cooperate to evolve culture as a thing of consciousness.

    To manage this problem culture will have to evolve communication.

    This essay began with the question, “How do we perform our job well?… From foundations.” This is also true for the evolution of communication. But first, we must know what communication is. Communication takes inner thinking and makes it public so to structure public thinking. This public thinking then acts as a structure, and a force, to evolve inner thinking. Such is enculturation. This being so, what might be intrinsic to this cycle of communication that it would perform the job of manifesting more complex cognition? Well, we have been doing it all along. It is a process we have been evolving. However, we have not fully evolved our consciousness of the process. Time has gotten away from us. So what is this foundation underlying communication, that has evolved complexity up until now, something that we now are to be conscious of?

    Crowdsourcing. Crowdsourcing is any means used to listen to the wisdom of many individuals. When a leader is elected because their voice declares the next evolution, which the many believe will lead to happiness, this is a certain complexity of crowdsourcing. When a government employs intelligence gathering from many levels of hierarchy, and then orders millions of people to deploy solutions, thus leading to happiness, this is another level of complexity. When the global industrial complex is sustained by a financial structure, a structure which enables every individual to promote happy outcomes using their dollar, this is another level of complexity in crowdsourcing. In the next evolution of crowdsourcing, these various sources of crowdsourcing will not function individually. Remember, this is the difference between being a cancer or an organ tissue. The parts must cooperate both between themselves and with the broader existence. The great meaning, for our consciousness, at this point in time, is to come up with the next evolution in communication as a crowdsourcing method that has the ability to pull function into a unified whole.

    A “unified whole” may be scary. But it should not be. Remember that the evolution of the culture depends on the few, who mentally, escape enculturation. Just as humans depend on injections of new genetic information for our survival and evolution**, so must culture learn to appreciate these injections of information from outside the system. Now, a new injection of information will leap communication to a new level of complexity. The injection has already been occurring. It is high speed internet reaching high speed devices. Devices are rapidly being deployed across the globe. This is a huge evolutionary leap in communication. It is a good thing if it is not a cancer.

    Ok, so how do we make communication a functioning organ and not a cancer? Crowdsourcing must come to our new communication. The cognitive wisdom of billions must continue to move from inner thought to outer thought to inner thought. And it must happen universally. I do mean universally. If a thing is not giving consideration to the principles of physics, and the problem of entropy, it must fail. Moving energy to order is essential. Failure happens if a government fails to cooperate with a financial sector, industry, science and the military. Failure happens if the individual fails to cooperate with the masses, the tissues of society. Crowdsourcing must come to our new communication as our new cooperation. This is the foundation that will make it all work.

    Get ready for crowdsourcing. Because advances in technology have brought us communication as the internet, and as devices that employ the internet, so must crowdsourcing follow suit. The people, and the layers of society, must be part of the conscious order. Crowdsourcing will bring quality to our connectedness and our communications. The specific qualities that our communications need are: realism, positivity, logic, sustainability, evolution, and order. Why?… Simply because these are what lead to working outcomes that will bring happiness.

    After several years of production, here now is a website that employs realism, positivity, logic, sustainability, evolution, and order to meet the crowdsource needs of an evolving society. is being assessed by you as  means to communicate wisdom, and to be happy.


    *Marshall Rosenberg, the creator of NonViolent Communication,

    ** Infusions of new information,