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  • The Why and the How


    I.  THE WHY

    The rapid change of society demands an information technology that is just as exponential.

    • Why join us…

    Because iAS is built for crowdsourcing rapid change intellectually and culturally.

    Because the flow of intelligence through community is the blood of civilization.

    Because you empathize with our purpose: Empower intelligence and intelligent action across age groups, professions, borders, and languages.


    Funds are needed to keep a five-year momentum going through this year.

    • Why join us…

    Because our business, World Wise People LLC is legal and functioning.

    Because the platform is currently useable, soon to be launched.


    A tight team has created quality using the latest Angular 2 software.

    • Why join us…

    Because creating beauty and ease for the user were top priority.

    Because our fast systems will crowdsource our global intelligence resources.

    Because user potential is maximized using unlimited avatars.

    Because though relative linking and social linking of info and people, intelligence will become the next thing, the “World Brain” that H.G. Wells spoke of.


    Based in current trusted technologies, but original in its leveraging, and creative in its user friendly presentation.

    • Why join us…

    Because we uniquely leverage industry (advertisers) by giving them avatars and user privileges.

    The site is designed to propagate globally via open source code and an open source platform,  such that the site itself is crowdsourced to the world for a fast evolution.


    Because now we have hope, as an empowered community, for dealing with local and global issues.

    • Why join us…

    As happened with the creation of the internet, the potential is in the design. The end product is intangible but immeasurable.

    iAmSapien is an effort directed at altering the course of society. The design of the platform will allow connections to be drawn so members can create collaboration and education. Everything is valuated by algorithm and by user votes. This puts the best information on top. Matrices, categories, filters and search provide the user with the information they want. Avatar links and special messaging will give users the people they want.


    II.  THE HOW

    The point is to connect the dots…

    • The internet enhanced data connection

    • Google made data available

    • Facebook made data social

    • Crowdfunding made data business

    • YouTube made video data filtered

    • Platforms made information crowdsourced



    • Nothing is asking data to be intelligent

    • Nothing is connecting data with social and global purpose

    • Nothing is linking intelligently all the data and people with an action

    • No one is crowdsourcing all of it all at once: crowdsourcing the local and global questions, the local and global answers, the best information, the presentation of the information, the linking of the information, the linking of people, the action called for by the data, support for the action, and even the function, propagation, and evolution of the website itself that is hosting all this crowdsourcing.


    Until now…

    iAmSapien is leveraging CROWDSOURCING to collect INTELLIGENCE so to make it CONNECTED and AVAILABLE as focused on PURPOSE that is FILTERED for SOCIAL interaction and for BUSINESS, and then LINKED so to become ACTION.

    No one makes all this look so simple and streamlined as on iAmSapien. It is truly a creative work.

    World Wise People, LLC needs 40K/month the last half of 2017 to fund operations relating to the debut of

    Call if you can help:   509-774-4064    Robert Swanson

  • What’s Positive about iAmSapien

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    The iAmSapien approach is positive. We believe that positive statements and actions are the best opportunity for a happy, healthy, functioning, and evolving society. Just say how things work.

    Saying how things work is a process. Today, the process is a global community with an abundance of resources. We are poised to bring new understanding to what makes life work. In the ancient past the Babylonian code of Hammurabi declared what works to be punishments for bad behavior. Still today, does the extensive negative news and blab inspire our evolution? To honor positive people, we use new terminology for those who demand intelligence and responsibility. We call these people “activated”.

    The activated person is not satisfied being comfortable or complacent. They see potential in being intelligent and responsible, part of an ecosystem, and part of a techno-revolution. They want purpose aligned with human values. At iAmSapien they are excited to engage human values and the evolution ahead of us.

    To say, exactly, what it means to be positive, let’s begin with these…
    1) Your article will state a positive activity or idea. Post images, poems, lyrics, graphs, documents and research that demonstrate the next best thing possible.
    2) Read other’s posts and find the most excellent. Vote excellence to the top.
    3) Comment as if you are a teacher and a role model. Be honest. Listen. Try some humility. Use active listening or use the principles of Marshall Rosenberg’s Compassionate Communication.
    4) Activated people yearn to learn. Activated people see their own evolution taking place. Activated people see this is a community project to save the planet.

    iAmSapien is the place for positive people to gather. We pull positive forces together because together we have the force of synergy. Crowdsourcing the planet for intelligent action empowers us all.

  • The Story

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    The world is too big a place. It’s too much to even imagine bringing some order or sense to what is happening. After all, maybe life simply plays itself out because that is what is in the cards?

    Robert Swanson thought so. Life is the cards we are dealt. This philosophy worked for about fifty years. He ended up at a place where retirement was planned out, a big garden planted, and he could relax while looking for the next girlfriend.

    But there was a Joker somewhere in the cards, a gnawing sensation that maybe something could be different if only one foot would step in front of the other. Then Robert remembered a promise made to himself in first grade, that he would change things for kids so that they could be happier. But how?

    Robert joined Neale Walsch in Ashland Oregon to begin Heartlight Schools. We did get some schools functioning, following the Sudbury Valley model of democratic education. But more was needed, there would have to be public debate regarding how life works for kids and for all of us. Everyone can be happier.

    Might the solution be a website for everyone? Robert contracted with a computer programmer in Portland Oregon and we set out to accomplish what normally would take a large team of programmers. With a small team we went to work for two years, creating a hundred thousand lines of code.

    Here it is, It is a place where smart people connect, collaborate and debate with anyone anywhere for the sake of humanity and the sake of the world. Now… life is how you stack the cards.