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  • Beginnings

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    We arrive at the point of taking memberships, and finally some income. Hooray! This celebration is for us, but also for the world. We are making a real effort to move humanity toward function and happiness. You are with us in this momentous decision to make a change.

    Change is not certain. Every day I walk the line between hope and despair. I question my sanity in thinking humanity could act with greater intelligence. Why did I spend my security on a venture to improve a thing called Earth? Maybe it is some sort of spiritual journey. Maybe events in my life drew me in this direction. Maybe I am insane. Who decides these things?

    About five years ago I decided it didn’t make sense to just sit in my ways, counting my time, hoping for the best. Why didn’t I get off my duff and do something, anything? So I did. Two years later a fuzzy concept became a real business adventure to create a web platform. Three years after that our fuzzy logic of programming became operational as a website. The going was rough. If not for the serious dedication of our team of ten or twelve people, the project would have failed in an instant.

    We don’t know what happens next. Will people see in this project that it is different, that it is creative, and that it has purpose? Will there be thirty grand per month to advance the cause? Will the people who express a greater purpose for humanity be accepted as role models, causing others to become excited about understanding life and making the most of what we have? I don’t know. So much depends on our team’s ability to reach people in the right ways. So much seems to depend on luck. In my readings about new technology adventures, timing was key. Reaching people at the right time, when they were ready, was essential to success for many businesses.

    Are people ready? They are ready for something. The media we expose ourselves to says we are ready to sit and watch one side attempt to degrade or terrorize the other side. This is fun. Look at our media and we see people are ready to share tidbits about their daily lives, and tidbits about the big issues that somebody ought to do something about. This is fun. We see our emphasis on media, as phones, as music, as television, as movies and so we know that our emphasis on life is as spectators. This is fun. Eventually, we all do something, but we do something maybe not as a result of watching media. When we are moved to do something it is probably because there is a stirring inside, an impulse to get up and be someone different. There comes a moment in everyone’s life where they feel the urge to be cause of their own life.

    Whenever an urge may occur, the urge to be at cause, that urge needs a connecting element to travel through and so light up a new space for living. An urge needs connection. It is like electricity needing a wire, a ground, and a motor or some device that gets the work done. That wire is iAmSapien. That device is the project you ignite or take part in. The grounding is whatever inside you happens that you feel the time is now, the motive is current, and belief in yourself has the courage to stand up. You are the final say. The moment is yours to grasp.

    My moment came five years ago. I have carried it with me these years as a reminder that I can move through fear and confusion to a blossoming. When tempted to forget that moment of sanity that drives this crazy effort, Neale Walsch always came through with some quip explaining that life is a journey. He said it is okay to proceed. And so I did.

    The effort it takes to try. The imagination it takes to be different. The dedication it takes to be yourself. What is it that begins your journey in life?

  • Electricity is in the Air


    July 7, 2017 and through the weekend was the Energy Science and Technology Conference in Hayden Idaho. We met at the  Eagles Lodge, an absolutely wonderful venue for the event. The conference is a scientific review of the latest technology bringing us new energy and new ways to use energy. It is also a review of physical laws and demonstrates why our common understanding may not be exactly the right understanding. These ideas and technology sent my head spinning. Blew my mind. The people are all so very interesting. Never enough time for all the conversations.

    iAmSapien had set up a table . The message to the technology wizards, “Get your information out there!”. This was also the message of the conference. Everyone came together to support each other, to learn, and then go out there and change the world. Everyone at the conference seemed to believe now is the time. Now is our opportunity.

    iAmSapien is here to help the wizards get the message out there. The opportunity is here. Many people can come together to support each other, to learn, and then go out there and change the world. Our potential to work together was demonstrated at the energy conference. It is incredible what shows up even at this local event.

  • Spring has Sprung

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    Spring is here, and Spring is the time of iAmSapien. The Beta site is operational. All are invited to get on a Matrix and say how to create change as positive, as community, as you.

    A beautiful Sunday in Spokane Washington. I spent Saturday weeding a portion of my garden and harvesting the early herbs. The garlic I neglected last year came back, already ten inches tall.

    Today is spent at the local coffee shop preparing for humanity’s springtime. I’m seeking new ways to promote the site. Email, social media, television, celebrities… whatever means to reach the public and tell them we are still growing as a society. How do we tell people there are options for our  amazing race of intelligent people? How do we appeal to people to create their own path to a brighter future?

    Maybe we need a headline statement, something that says it all in a one-liner. How do we tell people in a few words that a sustainable life is important, that a happy life is worth risking for, that the basis of intelligence is simply courage, that responsibility is community being proactive, that our ability to make these choices is what life is all about? How do we tell people that technology has brought us the power of crowdsourcing, a systematic approach to accessing synergistic intelligence? How do we tell people that imminent consequences to our behaviors can be changed by simply changing our behaviors? How do we say in a few words that the evolution of the individual, and of society, is a most exciting adventure?

    This is my project for today, a few words that say it all and capture the imagination of the world. After a winter of being self-centered, Spring is arriving for society. It is time people awaken to collective responsibility.
    If you know the few words that say it all, click on “Add New Answer” on the Improve Matrix at:


  • 8 March 2017


    Today was recovery from yesterday’s two hours removing heavy wet snow from 300’ of driveway. Thank goodness I had a massage scheduled at noon. My injured foot needed attention. But before that was a phone conference. I met with my attorney and financial manager along with an investment company back east. We may have found a way to help finance operations of the site when we go live this summer. We want many people showing interest in investing and prove that the world is ready for  iAS and for change.

    This afternoon was another marathon WebEx meeting with Marina in Portland. We went through a bunch of website issues, picking though every aspect for quality and function. Most of the time went to discerning the suggestions we will provide users when they create a new article. Categories and tags help users identify what the article is about, and we want this task made easy by providing suggestions. Having laid out all the parts on a spreadsheet, my task after dinner was to review for quality and fill in any missing pieces.

    My final task for the evening was writing a few articles for our blog. Oops… its after midnight. Gotta quit, I’ve a meeting with Sarah at nine, and Alex at 10:30. The work is practically non-stop around the clock.