Hopes and Dreams


My hopes are your hopes, my dreams are your dreams.

I believe many people are like me, aching for some sense of direction to where society is going. People are inherently intelligent. That is why we are called sapiens. I’m hoping the sapiens out there will contribute dollars and wisdom to get society going in the right direction.

What’s coming… The crowdsourcing and other donations will bring in funds for this year’s operations. Your help makes possible many additions to iAmSapien, including more matrices and the ability to link together articles and people. Really, this is a very imaginative site, structured to make real change on the planet. That is the whole purpose.

What’s going to happen… Something wonderful. People will realize they now have a say in how society evolves. People will have a sense of connection with the intelligence that makes society work. The earth will enjoy a social mind, or “World Brain” as H.G. Wells called it. More than just access to data, but means to create values and purpose. The earth will have the intelligence of billions of people coming together to coordinate positive change. I’m hoping for quality use of resources, a beautiful planet, and happy children that grow up with unbelievable wisdom and love.