• Intelligence: An iAS Experiment in Happiness 

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    What is intelligence? I answer this question by saying that Intelligence is a description. It is people creating intelligence by describing the meaning they apply to a function. You cannot point your finger at intelligence. Point your finger at an intelligent animal and what is it you are pointing to? Probably the animal did something that pleased you, something in line with your intentions or expectations. So it is really your intentions that you should point to. Alternatively, if you point at a thing that represents intelligence, such as your smart phone, in reality you are describing a function that lead to something that pleased you.

    To define intelligence you first have to find a function and then describe a meaning, and also an intention. A function alone is not intelligence. For example, that hydrogen bonds with carbon to create a miracle called water, this is a function of carbon and hydrogen. The miraculous meaning we assign to water is that it allows life. Were there an intention to create water and life, then this intention to create is the intelligence. If there was no intention to create water, then we are simply lucky to have water and lucky to have life on our planet.

    What about computers and cars and libraries and spacecraft? Are these intelligence? What about the United Nations and Peace Corps and think tanks and journals, are these intelligence? Again, if people have applied a meaning and an intention then we can say these have the intelligence we have assigned to them. If they fail to manifest the intention we assigned to them, then they loose the function and meaning we gave them. We would then change our description of them so to remove the idea of intelligence.

    What about the human mind? Is that thing intelligent? Are people intelligent simply because they possess an amount of neurons with a given structure? This is like asking if carbon bonded to hydrogen is intelligence. We must describe an intention to the function. Then we must assess if the intention is coming to fruition. Then we will know if our application of intelligence meets with our own standard.

    Okay, so what intention shall we apply to the human mind? What function is occurring that might lead to an outcome we believe has meaning? First, let’s note the functions of the human mind: The mind develops connections over time in response to the environment. The mind perceives with five senses. The mind abstracts to see patterns and make predictions. The mind applies feelings to its perceptions. These feelings are value judgements. Ah! There is the key. From a myriad of experiences and abstractions people arrive at “cheat notes” called feelings. Our feelings quickly reference complex intentions and apply meaning to a current function. We are happy when we believe our intentions are being fulfilled. We are unhappy when we believe our intentions are thwarted. The intensity of our feelings indicates the seriousness we apply to the effect on our intentions, and on our idea of intelligence. The intention of the human mind is to be happy. As we succeed at happiness over time, then we can say we are intelligent according to our own parameters for intelligence.

    Humans use a very simple definition of intelligence. It is what makes one happy. How smart is that? The fact is, we do need to have our cheat notes, feelings. There is too much going on to convene the United Nations every time there is a decision to be made. But have we taken this too far? Are too many people so lazy (or even cowardice) that hardly anything is given a second thought or discussed with a group? To have government and advertising make our decisions for us is very convenient. Soon, artificial intelligence will beam directly into our brains.

    There is yet another force occurring on the planet. There are still people fascinated with their own ability to think. They see value in an open minded re-evaluation of functions and meaning and intentions. They see life as a process, a complex interaction between neural development, perception, cognition, and communication. These people have not divorced themselves from intelligence = happiness. However, they have decided to deliberately engage the process. They see meaning as being more happiness. They see the intention as being extended happiness. They see the function as themselves engaging as much of life as is possible so to be more happy.

    Is iAmSapien intelligence? Not at all. iAS is simply where carbon has an opportunity to meet hydrogen. A function happens. Meaning will be applied to the function as people comment on or link to the function. The intention will become a community event. As such, there will be more perceptions applied, more cognition applied, and more communication applied. The overall neural activity on the planet will increase. We anticipate that more people will have more happiness as a result. If this happens, then we can say that the intention was intelligent. We met our own expectation.

    iAS is an experiment. Do people want happiness? The people who want happiness will be attracted to the positive nature of iAmSapien simply because, by definition, the positive direction is toward happiness.

    Of the people who choose happiness, will they choose happiness for others? Hmm, is this a meaningful question? Why might a smaller group be choosing happiness for a larger group? Well, we do it all the time. It is called leadership. It is very rare to see perfect democracy. Rather, it is very natural to step into a crowd and look to see who is leading. The same happens on iAS. People step into the site and look to see who is leading. These people will be at the top of the matrices. These will be people who self-appointed themselves as leaders by deciding to make the effort. They made an effort to perceive more, think more, and communicate more. They will have created the neural development necessary for the task.

    Can we point to these leaders and say, “There, that is intelligence!”? No, not really. Instead we can point to our happiness that has evolved and expanded. Because our own intentions, and because our concepts of what is meaningful, and because our own functions have evolved to understand these larger role models that we have chosen to lead us. We are describing ourselves in a new way, and so we are happy.

    Robert Swanson, WorldWisePeople, LLC













  • Target Market for a New Tomorrow

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    The target audience… who are the people we will hit on to join the team on iAmSapien? Are they the sixty to seventy percent women we have found on social media, people who see meaning in statements of positive outlook, positive change. Are our target audience the thirty to forty percent men who have the courage to dream big, seeing a different picture of our global future?

    Who are the activated people? Who are the ones to say what a grand tomorrow looks like? Some day the vast majority of us will want to play a part in the grand decisions to declare where we are going as a society. In the mean time, there are many of us willing to play our part. We will vote on quality content. We will give comment on what improvement looks like. We will spread the word on social media.

    Who are the key people, the ones to initially lead us in the right direction? These are the people eager to do some work. When I personally was asked to find a quality role model for a new private school, I got the job simply because I was willing to do the work. I was possibly the least qualified in the group of 150, but I had the trust of the group that I would put in the effort. I studied nightly on the web, three to six hours at a time. I read around seven or eight books, watched videos, and listened to audio tapes describing education and the results that occur in our youth. After several months I sent a forty pound box of supporting materials to the central office along with an explanation why these materials were on track for a better education method. My pay: $0.00

    Better stated, my pay was an improved sense of self, a gratitude that I had made a sincere effort to move my own community toward a brighter future. In the process, I had increased my knowledge of humanity. I knew myself better as well. I knew with greater clarity my choice of direction in life. Eventually, this website was born from my new found awareness.

    The key people who will move iAS, and the world, to a bright tomorrow are the people willing to make the effort because the pay is so much greater than can be put into dollars and cents. The pay is to one’s soul. The pay is to one’s family. The pay is to the children now inheriting the planet, and in whatever condition we leave it to them. I know with all my being that this is important. I know it has been worth my time the last five years to put together a web platform for empowerment. It is worth every penny. Now you feel the same because now you are a key person who will do some simple things. You will apply positive comments and materials regarding what matters most to you. You will apply references to back up what you say. You will vote up the people and materials that lead to the same bright tomorrow that you envision. You key people are our target audience. You are educated or self-taught. You have access to a computer and the internet. You are eager to spend some of your valued time on iAmSapien because you are aware that this project, this mission, is unquestionably the most valuable part of your day.  For you, for family, for community, and for the world.

  • Story of the Vase

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    Do you know the story of the vase? The vase is a glass jar designed to hold flowers. Simply cut the stems of the flowers for the size of the vase. It will present many kinds of flowers, holding the beautiful buds upright at eye level and appropriate for sniffing. Often elegant in design, yet made to accentuate the glory of the flower rather than the vase itself.

    Do you know the story of the human? The human is a vessel designed to process data for logical presentation. Simply allow for unlimited input, and the human will prune the data to a size that fits. The human will then present to the world many kinds of opportunity appropriate for others to act upon. Often elegant in appearance and personality, yet made to accentuate the glory of the community rather than the personal self.

    The simply answer to the question, “What are we humans here for?” is inherently answered in our  design. Just as with the vase. You could use the vase for many things… your afternoon tea, or to hold a bouquet of weeds. But when used as designed, then there is beauty to life and ease and sustainability.

    So, what is in the design of humans that answers what we are here for? That we have five senses and a brain means we are here to process data. That we are animal means we are here to engage the biosphere, as part of the biosphere, sustained in the same ways the biosphere is sustained (e.g., sexuality, death, communication, cooperation and competition). That we have an exceptional prefrontal cortex among the animal kingdom means we have a special duty to modify our behaviors in line with exceptional processing of data. That we used this ability to create technology is not really the point. The real point is the whole of our design, being made to listen to all of life and then respond to all of life using communication, cooperation and competition in behalf of beauty and function. To pass the design test, people must do these things we were designed for.

    Just as a vase can be used to hold weeds, so can intellect be used to create functions that humans were not designed to perform. Productive use of technology would be to accentuate data collection,  communication, cooperation and competition in behalf of beauty and function. Our prefrontal cortex is designed to project usage of our functions into the future and across the globe. People are remarkably equipped to enable sustained beauty. This is our function.

    Such being the case, there was just one more thing to do. Activate our function. To activate the human purpose we will use our exceptional minds to operate a web platform. The web platform will function according to its design, to enhance data collection,  enhance communication, enhance cooperation and enhance competition in behalf of beauty and function. Welcome to our real life.

  • In Theory


    In theory, if a platform’s operation is crowdsourced to become a useful crowdsource tool, then crowdsourcing is on its way to new heights. Say how to crowdsource on the Improve Matrix on iAS.

    In theory, if one person takes their years of educational experience, and uses this to study what is current on Google and Wikipedia and Quora, and then presents a summary on iAS for people to vote on, then crowdsourcing has reached a new height.

    In theory, if ten people form a team, and use their combined expertise, and their group creativity, to present a summary on iAS, then crowdsourcing will have reached a new height.

    In theory, if individuals and teams from around the world compare input on ias, and then revise their input, then crowdsourcing has reached a new height.

    In theory, if multiple sites repeat the above crowdsourcing, and then the top results from all are presented for voting and comment, then crowdsourcing will reach a new heights.

    iAS is available to others as a franchise, to modify and apply their own best method of crowdsourcing. In theory, working together, we are empowered to do what makes life work.

  • Faith


    We have all done it. We use a bank card or a check confident that the payment will be made, but then we find failure has occurred. There is the fact that people want an outcome. Then there is the fact of creating an outcome. Where does faith reside on this line between want and creation?

    If true, as scientist believe, that time is an illusion, then we can rest assured that the outcome we designed did occur. If true, as some believe, that God empowered us with choice for an outcome, then we can rest assured that this outcome will come to pass. Either way, we may have faith that what seems to be our choice is the outcome we get. Alternatively, perhaps the outcome is out of our hands. The greatness of the universe will succeed in where it is going no matter how grand or how diminished the choices of humans. Our choice just does not count for anything in the great scheme of things. Still, today, I am happy or I am sad, and I am the one choosing relationships that bring this outcome. In all three cases, I can have faith that my choices had something to do with the outcome that I experience.

    So, the premise is, if my payment method fails, then I can have faith that my choices had something to do with the outcome. Hoping for a different outcome, that is a different post. Currently, we have determined that people create their own experience. Further, let us say that faith in personal choice is the same as saying that my perceptions and my thoughts and my actions can be congruent enough, and powerful enough, to create desired outcomes. It is faith in one’s self.

    So, where does faith reside on the line between want and creation? It resides in personal choice. iAS is a statement that not only is this true of individual choice, but also true of community. In relationship, we are all deciding. iAS is simply an opportunity to move toward social congruity in making our choices.

  • Renewal

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    People are biologicals. Because of their brain chemistry these biologicals apply meaning to just about anything. They love the color of their clothes and a good cup of coffee. They cherish a new car and a new house. They hope for the next ocean cruise and marvel at the next technological invention. A new marriage and a newborn baby will receive their utmost attention. Still, people are biologicals. The meaning they discern is little more than the chemical reaction within their minds.

    Given that our biology, and our applied meanings, are all we have, what are we to make of life? Does life matter? Well, it still hurts when I prick my finger. A perfect friendship still means more to me than a gold watch. I would rather picnic in a beautiful place in nature than on a sidewalk in the city. Actually, the answer to what matters is quite simple. Obvious choices for health, relationship and beauty are what is meaningful. No great theology or philosophy is necessary to arive at the meaning of life. As biologicals we have built in appreciation. This appreciation is our survival.



    Given that life is so simple, how is it the biologicals have made such a mess of life? Spending hours in traffic jams each day is not what we had in mind. Skyrocketing prices for food and healthcare do not make life easier. On a planet of extreme abundance and extreme sophistication, how is it that even the first things are not managed to our liking? Who is responsible for this mess?

    I’m tempted here to wax philosophical. Perhaps nothing matters because we are making this all up. Or I could be cynical. Perhaps they are to blame… you know, them… the white people, the black people, the yellow people, the brown people, the red people, and even the greys. Its the democrats, the republicans, the libertarians, the Green Party, or even the secrete societies. We biologicals have a unique understanding of life… simply assign responsibility either to the unknown or to the person standing next to you.


    Biologicals are so smart. Or at least they think they are. But if they were smart, what would that look like? Would it be hundreds of shelves of books? How about computers running at 10 Gigabytes per second? Maybe smart is a United Nations where all the leaders come together to resolve all world problems. Smart should have been students running to their schools with excitement and joy and anticipation. Smart should have been daily news papers proclaiming the genius of various groups who work selflessly so to make life beautiful. Smart should have been a government that helps these schools and groups work together, activating all of us toward a brilliant future.

    iAS is a place to work together.

  • I’m With You

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    Yes, it is all so daunting isn’t it?

    The government is not mine to control. The climate is not mine to control. News media are not mine to control.  I can barley pay my bills and keep the house clean. Little more can be expected of me. Those fleeting moments of happiness are all that keep me going. Thank heavens for friends who join me in small talk or in ranting how others should be more responsible.

    Life is a really big happening. We understand so little of it, and affect even less. Our part has little or no bearing on what happens in the future. The anxiety it causes us to even consider change feels debilitating. Besides, if we did try to make a change, so many people would come against us and only a few would support us. No one has the money or the time even if we did have the desire.

    If I am honest, then I have to say the real issue is, I’m afraid. Or, maybe it is something even deeper than fear. It seems like, if I change my direction in life, if I step into something new, that death is on the other side of that door. It feels like I would die. I won’t go there.

    We know what life is. We know what is routine and how to survive. What more does anyone expect? We do the best we can. Who is ready for a beer?

    Does this essay express the lives of people today? I’m with you. This is a strange and daunting world in which we live. But it is also amazing, beautiful and miraculous.

    Engaging all of life is the deepest act of courage.

  • Why iAS Works

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    Just as water runs its course from cloud to drops to river to ocean, so does knowledge have a course.

    1. Knowing begins in the mind as distant imaginings. Clouds of data take shape overhead as one thing or another. Gradually various forms develop. We form ideas what family looks like, how government should function, and why we exist. As vague ideas, their application won’t make a quality difference. iAS is a place to study these ideas, develop them, and make a difference.
    2. Knowledge accumulates into drops that shower our cities. We don’t know for sure what knowledge will work until tested socially. In our conversations we drop our ideas on people. If accepted, this is permission to rain similar ideas. On iAS your best voted ideas are ones you share more of.
    3. Knowledge coalesces into flows. Drops of knowledge become rivers of knowledge as many people add their drops to the storm. Rivers of knowledge transport change to society. Fluidity is essential to social change. iAS coalesces drops into rivers with new courses into the future.
    4. Knowledge has destiny. If dispersion is entropy, then the coming together of knowledge is life. Somehow the many flows of knowledge must find a home in the future. On iAS the flows of knowledge come together in one place, joining for a great purpose. On iAS knowledge is directed to form something vast and sustained, a future full of potential.

    To give life to knowledge and make it bloom:

    • Make knowledge personal…  On iAS you associate,  improve, valuate, connect and share.

    • Make knowledge relative…  This is better than that. That belongs with this.

    • Make knowledge important…  On iAS  knowledge is positive, for empowerment, for possibility.





  • How You Do iAmSapien

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    Do iAmSapien by feeling…

    Happy sharing the gift of your wisdom.

    Excited learning something new.

    Hopeful for a brighter tomorrow.

    Loving of your children, your friends, and a beautiful planet.

    Grateful for a wondrous journey empowered by you on iAS.

  • The Shift


    Human will is a force that moves society. Our will has moved social change at a pace that increased exponentially. Population and technology have exploded. The world has transformed overnight. A grand shift has already occurred. Whether things will change in the future is not the question. The question now is if people will move the change or be moved by the change.

    Human ingenuity developed our agriculture, transportation, government, communications, chemistry, industry, and the techno revolution. Each of us learned our part, and then together we implemented change. With passion, with friendships, and in hierarchical structure we became a force to remake nature into technology and a new way of being.

    This tremendous force of humanity, is there an intention to match our exponential creativity? Are we intending to just create, or are we intending to create something? In the first case, any volcano exploding, or any mold growing, is a creative force. In the second case, a level of intelligence is at work. There is intention at work planning a method and planning a future.

    Human will was intended to be more than just a force. Human will is an opportunity to exponentially increase creative intelligence. This is possible because one person’s leaning can educate others. The other’s learning can educate the one exponentially. The many can work together to expand education globally. The global community can educate the individual profoundly. This is all made easy because everyone can share a method and a future on iAmSapien. People are intelligence to move the change to a brighter future.